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I don’t have all that much to say about the new episode of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, to be honest.  Why?  Because if I did, it would probably have to include quite a bit of nitpicking all the nonsensical and just plain dumb things that go on in this series every week.  If you’re not going to talk about that, in truth we’re not looking at a whole lot of analysis here.  Just sit back and bask in the glorious stupidity, because it’s quite a fun ride.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the reason this is tolerable is that there’s no pretentiousness with Koutetsujou.  It doesn’t seem interested in justifying any of the stuff that makes no sense – there are no explanations for why the guy who speaks English has a Japanese name (or why he speaks English at all), or why a pack of hungry kabane dutifully leave Ikoma more or less intact rather than rip him to pieces.

Of course, some of this flannel is pretty major – like a bunch of kabane somehow having the ability to turn into a gestalt monster built around a single one.  No, it makes no sense – but it makes for a good show and that seems to be all Araki and Okouchi are concerned about.  I especially loved the shot of the individual kabane being blasted into the air by the “48 cannon” what’s-his-name (in this show, it’s hard to remember the names of anybody apart from Ikoma and Mumei) and landing in a spray pattern.  I mean yeah, there’s a lot here that’s just… (I mean, why does the “Fused Colony” lay back long enough to let the humans hatch a plan in the first place?), but it makes for a good spectacle.  And rally – isn’t that why most of us are watching?




  1. Indeed, it is what it is, and (general) you’ve got to like it for that, but the unzipping “releasing pressure limits” sequence @18.21min for the big delt/trap/lat/spinal erectors tank top reveal was just so idiotic.

    There’s stupid and fun and then there’s “I’m going to embarrass myself without even knowing it.” When you do it yourself it’s bad, and when you see someone else do it, it’s perhaps worse.

  2. S

    Idiotic? I think you mean glorious.

  3. Nothing wrong with fan service, but when it’s delivered in such a cringeworthy manner, it’s just laughable, intentional or not.

  4. – From what we have seen all these time, those dumb type Kabane have never ripped people to pieces. They simply bite on people, probably to infect them, since I don’t even remember them pulling up people’s meat. When Ikoma fell unconscious, they thought that he’s died/infected and their job was done.

    – A bunch of kabane don’t have the ability to turn into a gestalt monster. Only one of them has such ability, which Mumei killed by the end.

    – Our heroes thought up a plan while they are safe behind the walls. The monster only attack when they came out using Koutetsujou. The monster don’t have enough brute force to torn down the wall, we saw it splatter when it hit wall.

  5. C

    Well, it’s nice to see everyone in the train getting along and kicking kabane ass. This is what we signed up for, after all.

    I do hope Ani-sama is worth all this intrigue.

  6. G

    Haha like you guys say, it’s mostly feast for the eyes… this show does not even bother to explain how a kabane is able to amass other kabane into a gargantuan monster, but it still makes for good entertainment. I hope they do explain the existence of Kabaneri (are there any conditions to becoming one, and does it always work the same way as how it did for Ikoma) By the way, whoever draws the backdrops for this show deserves brownie points cause it looks incredible.

  7. A

    Hey Enzo, love your work!

    “Pack of hungry kabane dutifully leave Ikoma”, true it is very unrealistic, but couldn’t you say the same thing about one of your favourites, Boku no Hero Academia, I mean how does Deku block a full blow fire attack from Kacchan with his left forearm?

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