1. Interesting read! I was most interested in your personal experiences since I knew a lot about the differences already. I did always get the impression in reviews that you were more of a anime watcher. You mentioned that you’ve become more interested in manga. I wonder why you don’t review very many on your blog? I would certainly be interested in that since I use your blog to find good anime, I would love a source which looked at manga too. Is this quite a new change of heart? or do you simply want to keep the blog largely anime-based?

    Since it can be hard to find really good manga, I really recommend 7 Seeds by Yumi Tamura. The artwork is pretty retro-shoujo by modern standards (that’s worth mentioning since it really put me off at first and even led me to drop once it very early on). However the story is ridiculously first-rate, full of surprises, and it only continues to improve for me. I normally find stories start to lag within a couple of books but I have not felt that happen with this series even after 30 books. I had considered suggesting this to you before but I thought you didn’t really read manga before reading this article. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Why don’t I review more manga? Well, in part because I’m already so busy. Also, manga just doesn’t generate the same interest – judging by post counts and comments. And a lot of the manga I follow are not regularly updated in English, which makes them pretty frustrating to follow, much less blog.

  3. I feel that another list of top manga would be nice, so far I’ve enjoyed your recommendation lists more than anything else on MAL.

  4. I’m glad the anime medium exists, since there’s no other medium that quite captures the feel of great manga on screen. Its very interesting though, the fact that manga appeals to all ages in Japan, hopefully that represents a chance for anime to blossom as well.

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