Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu – 04

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I’m at four episodes now, so I guess I really need to decide on this one.  This season is abnormally flush with bubble series, and I was really hoping Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu was going to close the deal for me this week.  It didn’t – it was a pretty good episode, but it didn’t quite take me across the finish line.

At the very least, I think this series is an interesting take on the creative process generally, and the process of creating a bishoujo game specifically.  It’s always fascinating to see smart writers muse on this subject and Shoujo-tachi is no exception.  And as you’d expect from Tanaka Romeo, the characters are relatively light on the more obnoxious otaku tropes, and the humor isn’t derived mostly from the girls treating the guys like crap as it is in so many anime.  Those are good things, but as with so many series this season I’m just not sure if they’re enough to make the show a good blogging candidate.

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That said, I am engaged with what’s going on to a respectable degree.  I like seeing Bunta coming into his own as a creator, beginning to get a sense that this might be something he wants to stay with for a long time.  And how his process is so different from Yuuki, who’s already consumed with being a creator to the point where she artistically binges and fasts to the point of ruining her health (which is a real problem for mangaka and animators).  And I’m curious to see what kind of story Bunta has put together.

I can’t say whether all that will be enough to drawn me into blogging further – next week’s ep will almost have to tell the tale.  Of all the series in that “undecided” tier, I think Shoujo-tachi wa Koya wo Mezasu may be at the absolute middle of the pack.


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  1. Once again – agreed: this series is enjoyable and pleasantly engages me. I even look forward to it each week. But it is not really a series (at least at the moment) I can anticipate re-watching at a later date or archiving….

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