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    Moribito love notwithstanding HxH's gif packs the best punch of the bunch, Apollon the subtlest. I think you could have picked a better sequence for Haikyuu!! – one of Hinata's running/blocking/spiking bolts might have been more effective for a short sequence – but handling gifs can be a pain in the rear 🙂 .
    HxH high sakuga points hold ground with the sakuga darling of the current anime season by the same studio imho.
    Leaving out the Out of the top of my head I remember some good action sakuga in Noein and hey Space Dandy (I didn't like its first episode but the chasing sequence at the end of it for instance was rather impressive in terms of how and how much stuff was moving). And the early episode duels in Zetsuen no Tempest (just popped the first dvd in a few days ago. Dat sweet BONES action goodness)… Some high-energy moments in Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water and KareKano. And Kaiba – more Madhouse! – : the chase scene with the bird (episode #1 I think) and the craziness of the final episode. Plus the two FMP series by KyoAni – yes even Fumoffu for all its comedy gags still retained some action-intense moments – .
    I also remember bright spots from the Stone Age of anime titles (Tiger Mask. Roarrrr!) but it has been too long since I watched them to pinpoint their placement in-series. Some oldies are included in this series of videos if I remember correctly, and most of them are action clips: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/01/02/video-an-introduction-to-sakuga-the-animation-of-anime

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    Very interesting choice with Sakamichi no Appollon, and I would agree with you. I mean, they made pulling a sheet off someone pretty climatic.

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    This is probably the first time I've seen every show on a list, I like the gif from HXH best too, need to figure out how to animate those white particle effects myself…

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