On the Road Again

I’m going to be traveling for the next week or so, and since it’s likely going to cause a short interruption in blogging service, I wanted to let you all know.  Because it’s business-related and I’ll be with co-workers, as well as the fact that I’m going to a place (South America, mostly rural) which may have less consistent internet, I think it’s very likely I’ll miss some or most of this week’s posts.

Thanks for your patience – I’ll try and blog a bit if I get the chance, and get back into full swing soon after I return home on the 21st.



  1. c

    Have a safe trip and enjoy the sights!

  2. E

    Good luck, I'll keep my expectations in check… Are you planning on blogging the first Lupin episode?

  3. Did somebody sub it?

  4. E

    I watched the version where they used the english subs from the italian dub and it was fine, not sure if its available on streaming sites though.

  5. R

    Hope you have a safe trip buddy, and hope to hear from you soon =D

  6. e

    Oh so NOW you leave you One Bean-Man you. Enjoy the trip and good luck :D. Don't forget the mosquito spray.

  7. A

    Quick question, are you watching the new season of Doctor Who and are you planning to cover that after returning?

  8. G

    Just stay away from the jungles of Peru like in The Green inferno. Got a question for ya GE:

    Why is anime so awesome and let live action movies based on anime or LN so terrible? In the last week I saw the live action versions of Attack on Titan and Ano Hana. The acting in both of them was terrible (like it was being put on by high school kids). The only live action from animes I ever have seen and enjoyed were Gantz and Blood: The last vampire.

  9. I think there are many reasons. But if I were to point to one, it would be that Japan is the opposite of the US – actors tend to radically overact in TV dramas as opposed to animation.

  10. Z

    This is true.

  11. J

    Going from Japan to South America for business? Fancy! I though blogging was your business. What do you do for a real living, if I may be so bold as to ask.

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