1. Y

    For a moment I was afraid you'd forgotten about this episode xD And while I'm thrilled as always to have your review, I do beg to differ in regards to one of its main points — change is in the air this week, no doubt about it. In fact, as you've previously pointed out, change has been in the air all season long, but here it was especially palpable, what with Hinata constantly remarking on his need to further improve his offensive repertoire and coach Nekomata ending the episode with the question of "stability vs evolution". The anime better do its next-week conflict(s) justice. Everything's been executed wonderfully so far, which is precisely the way things should be, so it has my full confidence. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am! ^_^

  2. C

    Am I the only one who's mad that, ever since the season started, all they've done is lost?

  3. m

    Well, they are up against the big schools, though I did feel disappointed that Karasuno is so helpless without their quick-combi duo

  4. E

    I don't think they've had a single proper match yet…

  5. Y

    Well, they did win once in this episode. And they also won their practice match against Ouginishi. So their matches haven't all been losses.

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