Fall 2015 Reader Poll Results

Give yourselves a pat on the back…

Once again I think LiA readers are proving themselves one of the most discerning groups in the English-language anime fandom.  You got this season mostly right – certainly, the top 4 series in the poll are among the best of the season.

What happens when we compare you against the RC reader base?  One Punch Man is king either way, that’s to be expected.  The big disconnects at the top of the leaderboard are Subete ga F ni Naru (much higher here) and K: Return of Kings (much higher there).  I’m quite content to let history be the judge of that one.



  1. G

    As someone who is a member at both sites I find LiA tends to be a little more elitist in their anime viewing. RC viewers tend to favor more popular anime thats just fun to watch and does not have some greater message or goal.

  2. D

    I left RC over a year ago and don't miss it. I only return for the podcasts since I think they're still pleasant to listen to and better than the articles.

  3. E

    I occasionally check RC to view the difference in comments between articles, sometimes theres quite a bit of hate(such as in the recent Gundam).

  4. I'm not pointing out the difference as a dig at RC, just noting that readers here have unusual tastes by fandom standards. I think the zeitgeist at RC is a lot more enlightened than it is in most places Western fans congregate.

  5. e

    from what i seen so far in rakudai caavalry it pretty good with the battles and the interaction between the 2 characters

  6. U

    Subete ga F ni Naru needs more love. Amazing series so far

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