Sangatsu no Lion Anime Announced (Finally)

In the words of Newman, “What took you so long?”

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time.  Maybe I need to write articles suggesting manga adaptations more often?

I really have no idea why this hasn’t happened before now.  March Comes in Like a Lion is a huge seller, it’s won every major manga aware there is, and the mangaka, Umino Chika, has a track record of a hugely successful anime franchise (Honey & Clover).  My theory had been that Umino-sensei was refusing to allow an anime until she finished the manga, but that’s not necessarily disproved – this could be a sign she’s planning on finishing it soon, perhaps to coincide with the anime a la Cross Game or Zetsuen no Tempest.

In any event, rejoice – this is a terrific series.  Let the speculation begin, though it seems like the obvious choice would be J.C. Staff – with Kasai Kenichi or Nagai Tatsuyuki directing.  And Miyu Irino as Rei, please…



  1. s

    nagai needs to get this…..NEEDS TO!!!!! on a side note, i hope that taiyou no ie is next in line to get an adaptation

  2. N

    God damn, I can't wait.

    Shigatsu ended on a strong note, but it was fundamentally flawed. Sangatsu on the other hand, continually hits the right notes, and the world doesn't revolve around our brilliant protagonist, and instead frames Rei's struggles in line with the entire ensemble cast.

  3. J

    Took them long enough.

    You've picked out all the obvious choices, but Nagai Tatsuyuki is (to me) key to making the adaptation successful.

  4. Well, Kenichi has proved a deft hand with Umino's material, obviously. And until the last couple of years I would have ranked him as Nagai's equal.

    I don't think think Sangatsu needs a great director to be good – it's strong enough that it can survive a "just don't screw it up" director. But a great one would certainly help (Kanta Kamei would be another logical choice).

  5. J

    The source material is certainly strong enough, but if there was ever a time to line up the stars, this would be it. Hence my preference for Nagai even though Kenichi did a great job with Honey & Clover.

    I'm just very pleased about this. It's a sharp turnaround from looking forward to exactly three shows in the new season to getting a personal favourite manga adapted.

  6. K

    Another perfect director would be Morio Asaka. Not sure if this would be a Madhouse type anime but if it was I am sure he would do a stellar adaption.

  7. I'm not sure there's a style I wouldn't trust Madhouse with, and Asaka could obviously do a great job. But I don't see them as likely here. If it's not J.C. Staff, I'm betting on A-1 or I.G..

  8. c

    Great news. Speaking of which, I probably need to get my hands on the next volume soon…

  9. l

    Glad your wish was granted Thanks for the recommendation. I can only read and watch Hikaru no go and Chihayafuru so many times. Now if they only get up to date on the raws

  10. s

    Shaft it is. Suicidal much?

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