1. G

    I enjoy this series, its not an award winner but was just fun to watch. I "wish" he had more balls to tell the girl he loves that he loves her but that's how harem animes usually work. The masin lead juggles all the love interests and in the end usually ends up with no one. Its fustrating…

  2. G

    masin = main

  3. m

    I like how they never lost the comedy till the end. I need more akane x sensei though.
    Seeing that u rate Majimoji Rurumo better than this show, I guess I should continue watching it 🙂

  4. R

    It's kinda disappointing that they give this one just a one cour "ilet's adapt the first few chapters" treatment. Just when the series was starting to reallychurn out the fun stuff, it sto9ps. Really wish they went with a fuller adaptation. Still, it was a lot of fun and I really loved that little track they used in the opening minutes.

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