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    Hey Enzo, are they limiting you on how long your MAL articles can be? I always feel like they should have been longer..

    When I was in Tanegashima, hunting down locations from 5cm/s, I decided to make a little detour to the neighboring island of Yakushima and track to the famous Mononoke forest. However, it turned out it takes several hours of mountain hiking to reach into that part of the reservation (naturally, it's the deepest part of the forest!) and after just about 30 minutes of prancing around the beautiful scenery, it became painfully obvious that I wasn't up for the task, physically.

  2. We don't really talk about those sorts of things. They do have policies of course, as any publication would, and I work with them in mind.

    I always wanted to hit Yakushima but it was just too far and expensive.

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    Wow, a lot of these places I would badly want to visit, especially that Yakushima Forest(although that does look a little like something out of Nausicaa as well). Hopefully my first visit to Ghibli Museum sometime later this year will quell some of that urge…

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