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    The Russian Cream Puffs joke is that they are Russian Roulette Cream Puffs. The reason that this joke goes over your head is because in an earlier, unadapted manga chapter they were introduced and part of the joke is that every one of the cream puffs was messed up in some way. So Russian Roulette with all cylinders loaded as it were.

  2. Okay, that makes sort of sense. They did have those loaded cream puffs in the first episode. But it's sort of odd to call it Russian Roulette when there are no empty chambers in the gun…

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    Well, in the manga they were created by Mikan and she called them Russian Cream Puffs, of course one should never trust Mikan and inevitably all of them ended up having something terrible inside.

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    Koumoto Akane is certainly living up to the maxim's of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) about "What's the point of being grown up" and "childish" and is a welcome inclusion to the cast. This episode was a real joy to watch for me as well.

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