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    I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to baseball – what's the issue with them sliding into first? Is it just less efficient/slower than running into it?

  2. Exactly – scientifically proven slower than running through the base. The only time it makes sense is if the first baseman has been pulled off the base and you're trying to avoid a tag.

  3. m

    So it is purely dramatic effect? I thought it was pretty senseless since it looks prone to injury

  4. I think guys somehow are convinced that it's faster, rather than it being for dramatic effect.

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    Maybe he was trying to dive for the base and land on top of it, not slide? Still, incredibly stupid.

  6. n

    Honestly, this cliffhanger was really annoying last week, and to see that they resolve it before the OP was all the more irritating. Thankfully the episode focused on the other teams to make us forget this dreadful start.

  7. A

    So many great cameos, but ending Shunshin's career with so little fanfare–I'd rather have seen that full match than Inashiro vs. Ugumori. Quite pleased by this episode on the whole though. Great character moments at Seido too.

    And, uh, all those scenes of Nabe with his back against the wall–was he supposed to be sulking meditatively, or eavesdropping on every sensitive conversation happening at Seido? The timing of the cuts suggest he was eavesdropping, but he showed no reaction and the context could have just been meta-commentary on Nabe's situation. Anyone have a thought on that?

  8. S

    If it's convenient for the plot to have him eavesdropping, he'll be doing it, even if it's for absurdly long and often. I'm guessing this guy never actually enters the common room/mess hall, just skulks around the doors a bit.

    Anyway, he heard everything and will sulk about it later, I'm sure.

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