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    Last week episode was my least favorite so far too but boy was this one a blast. I'm actually having a hard time remembering and anime episode that made me laugh out loud so much since… maybe Nozaki-kun? or else that Noragami free fall episode.

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    The page layout looks much better now! I'd still like the pictures to be slightly smaller and the text slightly bigger, but I guess you have to make concessions to navigation bar on the right…

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    I second the pictures being smaller, and generally you might want the text to start from the left…

    I also found the episode much better than the previous one and hopefully this show will have at least a little bit of progress going on romantically as hinted at the end of the episode.

  4. R

    I was lauughing at this one that I had to pause the video a few times to catch my breath. Definitely their best episodeso far. I really like how the Eromine gag never lost steam despite it being repeated several times in the ep.

    Another thing that really amused me here is that Mini class rep actually bothers to wear the same uniform as Big class rep. Come on little lady (pun intended), you're inside a mobile suit, you could have at least worn a pilot suit :D.

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    Read the manga mostly to see if I should stick with the show past ep 1. I'm sticking. For one reason. Akane. She may the single greatest bastard of all time and I love her

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