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    Thats quite a niche topic I think, and getting a bit dated for market appeal with anime youtube reviewers getting a lot more attention and success nowadays(not that I care to watch them anyways).

    I do see some very fascinating chapters inside though, might pick it up once I figure out how to use their Kindle app without actually owning a Kindle…

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    Say no to youtube.
    Youtube drains my limited mobile data plan like there's no tomorrow.

  3. It's the future of this sort of thing, though – can't fight it. I haven't yet seen anything in an anime vlog I consider remotely good, but there has to be a way to take advantage of that potential.

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    The reviews for it are rather good. I have the same problem as Earthling with Kindle though.
    @Enzo: what about highlights/podcast/editorial reviews, but with video? If you're camera shy you could up a slideshow with selected screenshots of the very titles you're commenting about – so a slideshow + voicevor if that works – . And then there are the videos in your Tokyo and cultural/travel posts you could put in the LiA Youtube channel in a thematic playlist, with some info and links to the related blog posts…

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    I wouldn't say blogging is dead, as such. At least I hope not. But episodic bloggers like yourself definitely have it tougher these days with avenues like Reddit or twitter enabling immediate, easy discussion. Please don't go to Youtube though, that would be bad.

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