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The only constant in life is change.

As you know if you’ve read any of my recent episodic posts, I’ve moved house recently.  This time it’s down to Kyoto, where the search for long-term employment in Japan continues (if anyone knows anyone and would care to introduce me…).  It’s hard to find a downside about being here, but there is one – the internet at the apartment I’m staying in.  Because of ISP issues, I’m pretty crippled as far as image management for my posts, forced to rely on a slow VPN provider whenever I want to access my remote server.  As a result the posts are going to be pretty minimalist screencaps-wise until I find a long-term solution.

On the positive side, I’m in Kyoto.  And this is the view out the front door.  Here are some pics of my new neighbor, Toji Temple, as well as the interior of my building (including my apartment and its garden).  The park is Umekouji Koen (Plum Alley), about 5 minutes walk from me, between my place and Kyoto Station (another 5 minutes).

It seems very strange to be in Kyoto and not be in a panic about what to see today and tomorrow.  I’ve always said that a Kyoto itinerary is more about what you’re not going to see than what you are – there’s simply never going to be enough time.  I view my time here as precious because I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s a very different feeling than knowing it’s only going to be a few days like every other time I’ve been to this sublime city and region.

The pagoda, by the way, is the tallest wooden tower in Japan.  This one is from the Edo Period, though the original was ordered built by no less than Kobo Daishi himself, the founder of the temple.

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  1. e

    I haven't been to Kyoto, but I have the impression that if ever you only get to visit Japan once, Kyoto should be your destination. If only the cost of living weren't so expensive (compared to Southeast Asian countries), I'd go to there sooner rather than later.
    But now we know where you live- expect some fans (or haters) at your doorstep soon…

  2. l

    As long as you avoid the peak seasons, you can get relatively inexpensive hotel accommodation in Kyoto. There are cheap BnBs and hostels too. Just be mindful that rooms in Japan are generally small. Be prepared to pay more if you want larger rooms.

  3. e

    Real men sleep in pink futon and have amazing cherry red drawers. Take note you youngsters 😎 .
    Seriously the place looks great, you're close to your beloved temples and those ume blossoms are magnificent. ISP issues notwithstanding you're off to a good start. Ganbare.

  4. e

    P.S. : first came Obama socks, now it's an Obama doll. Is the man your lucky item?

  5. The funny thing is that bobblehead was here already, nothing to do with me.

  6. D

    Somebody left an unopened Obama bobblehead in your apartment? I can't decide if that's hilarious or terrifying.

  7. It's in the hallway, not my apartment. The place is full of the owner's tchotchkes. As with many apartments in Japan it's got the owner's shop on the first floor.

  8. n

    Hi Enyo, I have been always a silent reader of your blog. The fact is, I would also go to Japan next month, in Kyoto too. I would live and study there in 2 years, at least it is the plan.
    I am a bit worried about living there, as my Japanese is not very good. I'm excited about it, but I'm scared of it too.
    Were you scared, or stressful when you first moved to Japan?

    If you stay in Kyoto, could we meet sometimes?

  9. F

    Kyoto! I loved visiting Kyoto – such a beautiful place. Heh … all nostalgic now! ^^

    Also – on the job search front still hoping for the best for you and that everything will work out … gambate!

  10. D

    Internet issues aside, I'm ridiculously jealous of you right now. These photos are beautiful. Hopefully you'll be able to stay for a while and enjoy the area. Good luck with the job hunt!

  11. Don't be. I'm skating on gossamer here, and that uncertainty is always hanging over my head.

  12. c

    wow Enzo, those are some really nice pics!!! I definitely want to visit Kyoto!!!! gosh, i'm a bit envious here in my little appartment far away in France…….

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