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Aldnoah.Zero is predictable, but it’s predictably unpredictable too.

Superficially, this episode of Aldnoah.Zero could hardly have done a better job of following the template the series has established so definitively in a season-and-a-half.  There were two battles, and each went exactly the way they would be expected to.  The two leads followed the same course they’ve been on almost since the beginning.  But it’s also predictable that A.Z is going to drop some bombs of a more interesting kind in the final moments of an episode – and the repercussions of those plot explosions are enough to keep you guessing about what happens next.

Both fights here went according to plan – but the thing with Aldnoah is, the fights in this show pretty much always go according to plan.  We had another Count attack Earth with his supposedly indestructible Kataphrakt, which had one fatal Achilles heel.  We had Inaho several steps ahead of the combatants on both sides, taking advantage of some semi-hard science to outwit the opponent (in this case, the inability of beam weapons to follow the curvature of the Earth).  Really, if the Terrans were to simply do nothing it seems as if they’d be able to pick off the 37 Orbital Knights one by one as they each make a fruitless attack that ends in their death.

Indeed, I think the most interesting thing here is the acknowledgement that Inaho outranks his sister – which of course he does, as she’s technically a warrant officer (which is at the top of the enlisted ranks, but still below every commissioned officer – of which Ensign is the second-to-lowest rank).  Of course he should really be commander-in-chief, but in any event it’s nice to see an open reference to the fact that he’s no mere scrub now.  Also of note is the conversation between he and Inko, where Inaho reveals that his eye can even see the duel occurring at the moonbase.  He doesn’t deny it when Inko says “You can see everything”, but he does add that the one thing he cannot see is what he really wants to – could it be what’s inside Slaine’s head, or Asseylum’s heart?

As to that duel, Niles Crane did of course prove no match for Floyd Mayweather.  And the foregone-ness of the conclusion did render Slaine’s tearful pre-fight confab with Eddie and Tank Girl somewhat hollow – there was as little doubt as to the result here as there was to the battle on Earth, and the only question was just how Slaine would go about it.  Well, to be fair, it did occur to me to wonder whether Slaine might try and find a way to let Marylcian live for political reasons – but it appears he saw greater value in the message he sent by killing him (and in a rather nasty way, too).  Barouhcruz may emerge as a leader of some kind of old-guard opposition, but Terran or not it seems as if most of the nobles are getting the idea that it’s better to back a winner than a loser, and Slaine is systematically chipping away at all resistance.

Given that, it’s no surprise that he should make his move in a big way, and that gives us the big twist(s) after the ED.  Lemrina speaks of her glee at seeing an outsider seizing power, and of how she’ll never let go of her grudge against the family that shunned her – and Slaine’s victory seems to have convinced her to unreservedly throw her lot in with him both personally and politically.  Lemrina agrees to marry her Terran Prince Charming, and with it announces their intent to establish a new VERS kingdom on Earth.  She almost has the last card played here – it looks for all the world as if Lemrina is going to end Asseylum and eliminate any possible future competition for Slaine, but she pulls back at the last moment.  Sentiment – some residual love for her half-sister, or perhaps simply a spark of decency?  Or just plain pragmatism (she’d certainly be the first one I’d suspect if Asseylum died)?

The last card, though, is reserved for Tank Girl herself – Lemrina seems to have unwittingly stirred her sleeping consciousness by systematically turning off her life supports, and the last thing we see is Asseylum opening her eyes.  The fox is really in with the chickens, now – Slaine is going to have some ‘slaining to do, because I can’t see Asseylum being very happy with the course he superficially seems to be following (and that’s not even factoring in marrying her impersonator).  Whichever thing it was Inaho said he wanted to see – or both – these final frames seem to bring the moment when he’ll have his answers a lot closer to fruition.

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  1. R

    I really liked this episode! The two battles were pretty cool, and as you said, both end as we expected them two. I was really used to the princess being sleep that I kind went "Whoa" when she woke up, but of course she can't stay in the tank until the last episode.
    So there are like 37 of those Orbital Knights, right? There are like a dozen of those dudes 500-feet under by now, will we see them all fall? And how come Inaho is the only one getting rid of them? There are -or there were- billions of people on earth, what, isn't there at least one more battle genius among them?

  2. Z

    More importantly why are Vers only sending one Orbital Knight out at a time? If a swarm of them attacked in a coordinated attack even Captain Invincible would have a hard time sorting that out.

    Oh wait, this is Aldnoah Zero…

  3. R

    The whole point of the series is that the Knights' hubris is as big as their castles, hence why they fight alone and with little strategy, and that's why Inaho can whoop their coincited asses. My guess is that is about to change soon, at least if they want to show all 37.

  4. Z

    We don't actually know that there are only 37 Martian Kataphraks though. Remember that the first "Knight" that Inaho took out worked for Sauuzbaum. There may be multiple knights assigned to each of the Martian Landing Castles in some cases.

  5. E

    Inaho, a genius and a messiah who was born once every two thousand years.
    What, you are expecting another one?

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