2014 Reader Poll Results

The accolades just keep rolling in.

The results at the top of the LiA favorite series poll are far from surprising, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting numbers here.  Starting off with the fact that the 2014 poll had the exact same number of votes as the 2013 poll, which is a hell of a coincidence.

I think Hunter X Hunter winning was a fait accompli, especially given the relatively weak competition this year.  It’s racking up #1 rankings from all over the net, and I suspect there are more to come.  What did surprise me a bit, however, was that H x H won the poll at Random Curiosity – and by a wider margin than it did here.  I could barely buy a comment on any of my posts there, so this result is pretty gratifying (if a little puzzling).

Comparing the results of these two polls is always interesting.  The #2 series at RC was No Game no Life, which didn’t even crack the LiA Top 10.  Our #2 was (somewhat surprisingly) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, which placed 6th at RC.  Generally speaking there’s almost nothing in-common between the lists this year except Hunter X Hunter – which is a testament to just how superb that series is.  I often felt it was underappreciated, but it seems it was more a case of a not-so-vocal fanbase.



  1. R

    One thing I will never get bored of is scrolling down to the very bottom of the LiA reader polls and checking which shows got those 1 votes. Like some of those choices are so amusing. I haven't even HEARD of some of the more obscure shows. Then again, I've also voted for some pretty obscure series in the past when I ran out of the top choices xD

  2. Z

    Not to say it's undeserving, but being a series running over multiple cours/years means it has extended time to accumulate votes.

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