Comiket 87

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Thank goodness Comiket can still surprise me.

I’ve written a few Comiket posts already, so I’ll just drop off a few photos and share a few brief thoughts on this particular trip.  As usual, the winter version is far more pleasant than the summer for obvious reasons.  And as always, the East Halls with their doujins are a far more pleasant place to be than the West Halls with the corporate booths.  Those are massively congested (especially on Day 1, which this was, when thousands are rushing to buy their waifu goods before they sell out), loud, and with each passing Comiket a more and more depressing display of just how narrow and homogenous the commercial side of otaku culture has become.

The doujin halls, by contrast, are basically amateurs expressing themselves about whatever their passion is.  And they’re especially more pleasant on Days 1 and 2, when much of the content is geared towards females (though there’s more crossover each day than ever now).  Women seem to have a much better attitude towards these events than men – they really view it as a party, where the guys seem to be there to push and shove their way to as many items on their checklist as possible.  And for the record, Day 3 is by far the smelliest too.

What did I notice?  A tiny Baby Steps display at the NHK booth.  I chuckled a bit when I saw that the WUG booth was directly opposite the Shirobako booth.  And when I saw that the Kill la Kill circles had been places next to the Gainax area (but I guess it makes sense).  As for the steel-cage Weekly Shounen Jump death match for the hearts of the ladies, I was almost ready to call it a draw – but in fact, Haikyuu!! does now have a bigger doujin section than Kuroko no Basuke (though in sheer number of circles, Yowapeda has them both beat for the first time at C87).

Finally, there’s Hunter X Hunter.  Happily, there were definitely more circles this time than at any Comiket I’d attended – I’ve no idea why, but it’s good to see.  There’s even another H x H doujin fair (“re:Hunter”) scheduled later in the year.  Many of the doujins follow the lines you’d expect – Gon x Killua, Killua x Alluka – but there were some odd pairings.  Ging x Pariston (mildly odd), Hisoka x Nobunaga (quite weird), and the real head-scratcher – Killua x Mito.

I have to give them credit – it rarely happens ifor me with doujins, but that one genuinely made me say “That never even crossed my mind”.  I was curious enough to have bought it, but too embarrassed – I can only speculate, as to the contents but it was certainly R-18.  With that now in my head, here’s a little bit of verse at the request of a Twitter follower:

Mito-san has got it goin’ on,
Mito-san has got it goin’ on,
Mito-san has got it goin’ on,
Mito-san has got it goin’ on

Gon-kun, can I come out to Whale Island? (Whale Island)
You can show me around like you planned (like you planned)
I think your Aunt Mito, you know, she’s really nice
She can call me Killua-chan, or even do it twice!

You know, I’m not the little boy I used to be
Got my Hunter license now, Aunt Mito can’t you see?

Mito-san has got it goin’ on
She’s all I want, and I’ve been waitin’ for so long!
Gon-kun can’t you see, you’re just not the guy for me
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Mito-san

And I know that you think it’s just a fantasy,
But since your Dad walked out your Aunt could use a guy like me

Mito-san has got it goin’ on
She’s all I want, and I’ve been waitin’ for so long!
Gon-kun can’t you see, you’re just not the guy for me
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Mito-san


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  1. e

    No Midou doujinshi spotted? :p(pppppp)

    Mito-san is kind, nurturing, youthful if not young, attractive, can cook. Attractinevess YMMV notwithstanding, I doubt Kil ever had much of any of that from his mummy dearest. MILF potential? ^^"

  2. AILF, you mean?

    Midou – as in Midousuji? Yowapeda is tomorrow, I think. They split up the huge female-oriented franchises on the first two days, and put almost all the guy ones (though oddly, Madoka Magica was today) on Day 3.

  3. e

    A like Assassin? ^^"

    Yes I meant our favourite tongue master Alien jaws on wheels (don the BL goggles, see the potential. See it! XD). Maybe they moved Madoka earlier to avoid crowd explosion on Day 3? Possibly more importantly are you braving Day 3?
    Last but not least… those lyrics of yours need music.

  4. Ah, I assume you're not aware of this modest pop-cultural hit of a decade or so ago:

    I have no plans to go back tomorrow or Tuesday – one day of Comiket is usually plenty for me.

  5. e

    Just heard the title, never happened to listen to the song in fact (I was deeeeeep in my prog phase hence moderately interested in the equivalents of Stacey's [Gran]Dad in bellbottoms if anyone. And uni classmates of dry wits and long swaying tresses playing violin and luring me into Tolkien…) *grins*

  6. m

    Killua x Mito Then where does Bisky fit into this (not maternal enough for ya lololol)

    the imaginations of doujinshi hahaha

  7. "She's an old hag!"

  8. m

    Hahaha, Bisky is forever an onee-chan (only in appearance hahha). If I were a doujinshi, I would totally have done Killua x Palm – take the classic scene of Killua begging Palm to save Gon and twist it: /Killua in tears/ "Please accept my feelings!"

    Haha, seeing the crowd on Day 1, I wouldn't want to go back for the other days either (not that I even get to go… I want to visit Japan someday argghh)

  9. If I was going to ship Palm in a doujin, I think it'd be with Gon.

  10. J

    Actually Enzo, shipping Ging/Pariston is not that weird considering the latest events on the manga. They are the perfect foeyay for each other, if you know what I mean. The pairing is one of my favorites topped only by Killua/Gon.

    Happy New Year!!

  11. That's why I said only "mildly odd". They do have a sort of Felix and Oscar thing between them.

  12. R

    Girls are just as competitive if there's only one copy left of a doujin two of them want, trust me.

    But until you get to that point, I do think it's true that at large cons I usually see guys pushing and shoving more often than girls (especially Japan, I don't really notice as much of a problem in America, probably just a sheer volume of people difference)

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