Snapshots of Japan: October 2014 – I

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So much Japan, so little time.

I have a ridiculous number of photos from the last two weeks, and no real idea what to do with them or the time to do it if I did.  I’m not just going to dump them all out there, but I’d like to share some of what I’ve seen on this trip – the most logical course seems to be to do so over a few batches.  Some of it was new to me, some old favorites revisited, but travel proves the old adage that you can never step in the same river twice.  “Ichigo, Ichie“, as the Japanese say.

Most of these pics are from Kyoto and environs, some from the areas around Tokyo.  One thing this trip really confirmed for me is that I love Kyoto more every time I go there.  It’s a place that can create its own magic anywhere and anytime, and usually does.  I welcomed in a supertyphoon at Honen-in, perhaps the most beautiful spot in Kyoto, and saw it off with one of the most incredible rainbows I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And later heard from my sister that they’d seen the same rainbow at the same time, taking off from Osaka Itami Airport in the wake of the storm.

This group shows the Shugakuin Imperial Villa in Northeast Kyoto, the bamboo forest and Tennouji Temple garden in Arashiyama, and the Enryaku-ji temple complex on Hiei-zan (if you follow Sengoku history, you know the importance of that place) plus a couple of snaps from Namba in Osaka (I love the sumo window display from Daimaru).  It seems almost redundant to rave about places in Kyoto being beautiful, but well…  I forgot my camera for Shugakuin and had to use my phone camera (actually my Nexus 7) and it was generally cloudy with flat lighting for all of these places, and they still can’t hide their beauty.

Much more to come over the next several days…

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  1. R

    God, browsing through these photos is meditating already…thanks, Enzo. I particularly like the bamboo forest photo, but those of the Tennouji Temple garden give me a sense of quietness and calm…very soothing.

  2. N

    Wow! So green! Very Nature! Very nais! Wow!
    No seriously, Kyoto is beautiful 😀

    BTW, now that you are in Japan… just how do you watch Anime? Still like us mere western mortals, or on TV?

  3. I watch it on TV occasionally, but I only got the main broadcast channels and of course, that's all raw.

  4. m

    Where are the pictures of you? :c

  5. All redacted by Dick Cheney.

  6. p

    Awesome pictures – It's amazing you cover as much anime as you do with that at your doorstep!

  7. R

    Ughghhhh jealous.

    I've now got a nice long list of things I want to see the next time I got to Japan though thanks to you, so I guess I can live with a little jealousy XD

    Kyoto really is beautiful, and all the more striking if you're used to staying in Tokyo all the time like me. Not that Tokyo isn't a blast in of itself, but there's so many buildings and giant complexes that I almost forget that there are these spots of natural beauty and old shrines and temples less than an hour away on the high speed train.

  8. L

    "So much Japan, so little time."

    Are you leaving Japan soon? 🙁 I heard you're taking a break from RC this season, so how's work going for you? And happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  9. Still unknown. I'd like to stay – whether I can remains to be seen.

  10. l

    While in Arashiyama, did you visit Gio-ji Temple? It's a small little temple which is noted for its small moss garden. Some pictures I took on 4 October 2014 when I visited that place (Flickr album link).

  11. Not this time, no. The sisters were pretty worn out.

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