Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis – 03

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Why settle for an imitation Sawashiro when you can have the real thing?

Shingeki no Bahamut is another show I’m not quite ready to commit to after three episodes.  It’s definitely interesting to look at, and has a certain measure of wit and creativity in the writing.  But I’m not especially invested in the story, and I find the characters of only middling interest.  I certainly have no problem with the fact that it doesn’t take said plot too seriously, but that makes it hard for me to take it seriously either.

This week’s tale focuses on a loli necromancer named Rita, who’s played by Sawashiro Miyuki – which is sort of interesting in that Amira’s seiyuu Shimizu Risa seems to be channeling Sawashiro-san.  Rita is the latest bounty Favaro is after, trying to raise money for his quest with Amira – while it’s not immediately spelled out that she’s the target, it’s pretty obvious from the beginning.  She’s controlling a town full of zombies, but apparently for a good cause – she’s just lonely after her whole town was wiped out 200 years earlier.

This isn’t a bad subplot, but the most interesting part is Kaisar’s involvement.  He comes under Rita’s spell and believes he’s fighting off trolls (Favaro and Amira) to defend the villagers (zombies).  It’s Favaro who saves him in fact (their relationship just gets more complicated) and Kaisar offs a score of zombies but passes on the chance to end Rita after she’s bitten by one herself (her “mother”), and he picks up a new sidekick in the process.  The question of just what Rita is if not a zombie herself is certainly begged here – she’s been “alive” for 200 years and is apparently immune to the bite of a zombie, but at least in Kaisar’s mind she’s not undead in the same way they are.

So now we have two pairs – Favaro with a demon who seems to be part-angel and has absorbed the God Key, and Kaisar with a necromancer who may or may not be an undead creature herself.  Sooner or later these two parties seemingly have to team up formally, though the larger point of all this God Key stuff is still pretty muddled, and frankly it strikes me as less interesting than Kaisar and Favaro settling the long-standing business between them.  I’m not sure if that’s interesting enough to keep me on-board, but if nothing else the series has managed to conjure up good atmospherics every week so far and there’s no reason to expect that to change.

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  1. K

    I'm confused. How can she be the dead if she walks around like an undead?

  2. Got me. Maybe she was using some other type of magic to keep herself alive, and only "died" when the Mom-bie bit her. Maybe it's the book, or maybe Kaisar was just saying that to make himself feel better. Who knows if it'll ever be explained?

  3. J

    Yeah, not sure exactly what then use is of the god-key, and whether Amira is now acting on her own whims or those of the god-key. Don't really care either, it's pretty enjoyable, although the mission of the week aesthetic might get old quick. Was already feeling it in this episode. Seems like they're taking missions from a game and turning them into episode plots.

  4. t

    out of the two MAPPA series this season, this one for now is going better than the other one – Garo.
    Bahamut is funny occasionally, develop a little interest in story and of course is definitely looking good in art and animation. it seems MAPPA put lots of money on that one (while keep handling Garo).

    well, those two are definitely something a bit unusual. but with Garo I am losing interest too quickly even though it might've been nice.
    in Bahamut case, I really wonder where they will take us down the road. adventures keep coming toward those crazy Favaro and Kaiser and the story started taking shape and I wonder where they will take us in that series (to hellheim probably 😛 ).

  5. Well, Bahamut has a money-generating franchise behind it – I'm sure the production committee gave this a much bigger budget than Garo. This was an outsourced episode and it still looked really good. As for Garo, I just don't personally find it all that interesting – it doesn't have the wit and style this series does.

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