Mix – 25

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“Throw a Pitch”

This isn’t what I would call a supremely eventful chapter, devoting as it does more time to Punch being sick than anything else (and in the end, he’s not even sick).  There are a few interesting developments, though, as Adachi-sensei continues to drop hints about the Touch connection without really telling us anything.

It’s inescapable that we see several shots of Haruka in rhythmic gymnastics poses this week, and no one reading this manga is likely to need any explanation as to why that’s significant.  There’s also the revelation that Haruka’s mother is a writer and quite a successful one at that, and that she’s separated – but not divorced – from the coach.

Finally, there’s the little matter of Ooyama-sensei watching Souichirou give Touma some gruff instruction on his pitching form, and afterwards telling Sou the line that gives the chapter its title.  We know Sou was a pitcher before it became clear Touma was the real talent and he switched to catching, but it’s hard to see him getting back into it now that Touma is established as the hero – that doesn’t seem like Adachi’s style.  But anything that gives Souichirou more characterization would be welcome, as he hasn’t gotten all that much of it so far.  Touma is clearly the one with the charisma, but Sou becoming more distinctive can only help Mix as a series.

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