Summer 2014 Preview Poll Results

It’s all about having Tokyo in the title.

Thanks to everyone for a magnificent turnout – participation was up 40% from the Spring Preview Poll, and the largest ever for a season preview poll.

As for the results, I don’t see any huge shockers here – Zankyou no Terror and Tokyo Ghoul at #1 and 2 is pretty close to what I expected.  Early returns – which I’m assuming were more heavily concentrated among hardcore LiA regulars – saw Barakamon and Space Dandy riding higher.  But as more votes flooded in, SAO II, Glasslip and Free! climbed the charts.  Aldnoah.Zero’s performance was quite steady, by contrast – it seems to be equally anticipated by both early and late voters.



  1. s

    Hmmm…everything looks just about right for the most part

  2. G

    WTF? Bakumatsu Rock wasn't #1? Go figure (note sarcasm).

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