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    I voted that you don't read the manga until the anime ends, but that was more out of selfishness since that's exactly what I'm doing. If you're being spoiled that frequently, maybe you should just take the plunge. I'd argue you've enjoyed the anime in a special way since you haven't read it and never know what's about to happen, but being constantly spoiled makes that seem a bit of a moot point.

  2. C

    I only read your reviews because you are an "unsullied" viewer. It's the way i do it with all recappers of shows that are adaptations. Only interested in their take as long as they are first time watchers. Its why i was existed to read your reviews of GOT, but then you went on and read the books and it killed it from me.

  3. C

    I would have added. "Read the manga, don't blog until anime catches up".

    No reason to get spoiled by the comments, when you blog it.

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    I think there needs to be a recount. Us "read everything immediately" voters had a lead in the beginning. That sucks you got spoiled though, I feel for you. I read chimera as it was coming out translated, so my opinion is biased. I would suggest reading ahead if you've been spoiled because the next arc/s aren't long. Like whale island they're more of a bridge arc for chimera and the next big one. I hope that isn't spoiling anything, I don't think it is seeing as the number of manga chapters available should make that obvious.

  5. I haven't been totally spoiled – just bits and pieces. I'd still rather be surprised by some of what's coming than none of it at all.

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