Hunter X Hunter Anime ***** Arc Announced

I suppose even the title is a spoiler, but don’t read below the fold (especially the cast list) if you don’t want to see some very general spoilers about the post “Chimera Ant” era.

It’s been expected, but Madhouse announced casting for the Chairman Selection Arc today, which makes it official that we’ll be seeing it.  That should take us through the end of the Summer season – after that it’s anybody’s guess.

Again, don’t read that list if you don’t want to be spoiled a bit (or perhaps a bit more than a bit).  As usual it’s a terrific group of actors, and the most important addition is interesting in that it’s Takahashi Hiroki, who played Hisoka in the 1999 series.



  1. g

    Lets see your review for the latest episode.

  2. R

    Yesh, it is inevitable, but glad they announced it anyway.
    Don't you get spoiled when you see the cast list, Enzo? =p

  3. I was already spoiled about what's on that list…

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