Tokyo Diaries – Kamakura Re-redux

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Too much is never enough.

My friend Bonnie is in town from California (generously, she bought Kabuki tickets – not cheap – and I was amazed at how much fun it was) so I tagged along on her trip to Kamakura.  I already have two Kamakura posts but damn, so much beauty I couldn’t help snapping a bunch more pictures.

She’s off to Kyoto tomorrow, but I’m still swamped – as I’ll detail in the next post – so no detailed commentary with this one.  Just a repeat that Meigetsu-in is pretty damn spectacular.  Also of note, I don’t think I’ve been to Hachiman-gu when there hasn’t been a wedding going on.  Not the group picture, where one boy is wearing sneakers while all the other children are wearing formal footwear.  I really want to know what that conversation sounded like.

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  1. Y

    Love those posts! But… Isn't there a gallery plugin kinda thing for your CMS? It's a bit of a pain to view all the images the way it's setup. Not a big deal, but it would be cool to be able to just browse through them 🙂

  2. R

    Enzo, the photos are all so beautiful. I love the little kitty in your first photo…so chubby, and the second photo…geez, it reminds me of Kyousougiga. If I were tagging along, I probably would just sit there in hours and indulge myself in the environment and the view. And you also got the wedding photo of a family there — how they dressed totally reflects the fusion of east meets west. By the way, love how you captured the bags that the family was probably trying to hide away…bwahahaha, and I couldn't help but check out the IENA site — although I don't understand Japanese, but fashion is a universal language to girls…lol.

  3. c

    watch out for falcons, I had one of the buggers nick my Mellon bread as I was walking towards the beach!

  4. Funny you mention that, I always see a ton of them in Kamakura but my friend was a bit amazed at the number of them.

    That cat was a temple cat, at Enryaku-ji. Looked very happy indeed.

  5. B

    Great doing Kamakura with you!

  6. B

    Great doing Kamakura with you!

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