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This series is doing an admirable job with the final lines of episodes.

Witch Craft Works lost its usual digest partner this week thanks to the Olympics pre-empting Seki-kun (which explains its double episode last week).  So forgive me if this post is a bit short – I quite enjoy this series but for me it just isn’t the sort of show that lends itself well to extended commentary.  It’s enjoyably random (the more so the better) and quite funny a good percentage of the time, but I generally don’t feel the urge to go a whole lot deeper than that.

I haven’t tended to like the plot-heavy episodes of this show a whole lot, but this one worked pretty well for me just because it was so relentless – there wasn’t a pause for breath anywhere to be found.  Normally an ep like this suggests to me than an anime crammed too much manga material into one  episode, but the nature of WCW makes me think that’s just the way it was written.  And since I’m not all that invested in the plot twists anyway, if they whiz by too quickly to pick up every detail it’s all good just the same.

What I especially liked here was the way Mizushima-sensei shot the opening scene of Honoka’s dream – first from his perspective, then from that of Team Rocket.  Having Medusa and the five idiots hiding out in Honoka’s house is an interesting twist, as is Kagari teaming up with Medusa against her own mother.  Her devotion to Honoka cannot be questioned in the slightest, but I begin to wonder about her judgment a little.  As for Kazane, her tortured reactions to the craziness around her were one of the highlights of the episode – and her indifference towards Komachi have me wondering if all that stuff about them being in love in high school was only in her mind.

As for the ending, “I didn’t know girls could sparkle like that” pretty much speaks for itself.

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  1. d

    I really liked this episode because there were some heavy plot that was hiding within all the crazy antics and that has peaked my interest, especially the relationship between Honoka and Kagari. Her devotion to him seems really weird and not the usual weirdness that is in the show. I got to say though, when the two girls came out of the shower I expected something perverted to happen but they went on as if the girls were not naked at all and I really like that. Another thing I was happy to see is that Honoka wasn't a useless damsel anymore and was able to do something and took a falcon punch for the couple XD.

  2. Though it's a measure of what a useless noodle he's been that taking a punch is the most GAR thing he's done so far…

  3. J

    Things do eventually get explained. I'm sure this includes Honoka and Kagari's relationship. To this point, Honoka really can't do anything. He's in leagues over his head, and powerless against even the weakest novice witch girl. Kagari has purposefully not shown him anything about fighting. Evermillion would probably save him again, but she looks like she might be as capricious as the Tower Witches. I suppose he might try to tap whatever power the white stuff represents, but I suspect it would be a disaster without the knowledge needed to control it. And if he does eventually get the power I have a feeling he won't use it in an overtly GAR manner. That's actually part of his charm.

  4. A

    No… I don't think human society has found a way to make male incompetence endearing yet. Except maybe for butt monkeys. But anyways, it is true that the show is actively poking fun at Honoka's position as a glorified car battery, so it's a lot easier to ignore. Having a great sense of humor helps too.

  5. It's one thing to have a MC be a useless lump for so-called satirical reasons, but you still have to watch the guy for 12 episodes. Satire or not the charter of any series is the entertainment value it offers, at least in part. And Honoka is the weak link in this show.

  6. J

    You guys are, of course, incorrect.

  7. D

    I didn't really like it. The series feels like it's compressing itself too much, introducing and then discarding characters and plot in favor of new things. We've gone from the Tower witches being any form of threat to just there, and Kagari's decisions don't seem to make much sense. It's telling that for many people, Team Rocket is really the only reason to watch the series.

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