Support LiA via Amazon – Now More Easily Than Ever

You may have noticed those new links on the right.  It’s now possible to support LiA by connecting to Amazon’s main store via the LiA link…

As you may remember, I setup an LiA Amazon store a few weeks back.  As of now, you can access the entire Amazon inventory via the links on top of the sidebar, and as long as you enter Amazon – or Amazon UK – via that link LiA will receive credit for your purchases.  The experience should be seamless and indistinguishable from accessing Amazon directly.  In fact, you can bookmark that link in any browser and if you use it as your access point for Amazon, you don’t even need to come to LiA first – just head to Amazon via your bookmark. This should be the easiest way yet to support the site – of course, the LiA Amazon store is also an option and I’ll continue to maintain and update it.

My thanks to everyone who’s supported LiA via the various options I’ve set up (Sonic is atop the patron rankings!).  It means a lot to me and I’m grateful to everyone who reads, comments, and supports the site!




  1. N

    Hey Enzo, do you still compose haikus to patreons, or was that a limited time only kinda thing?

  2. Well – that was kind of a "top donors" kind of deal. Honestly I don't think have that many haiku in me! I was still planning on doing that for the folks who sign up for monthly support and make the biggest donations, but if you have a specific request I'll be happy to think about it and see what I can come up with…

  3. Whoopsie – just got the notice you signed on with Patreon – thank you! Let me know your haiku request and I'll start working on it…

  4. N

    Can I ask for a haiku about how spoilers are really annoying? 🙂

  5. And the people who post them? Sure, let me start grinding on that.

  6. t

    LiA store is really nice. love the recommendations (despite some of them in Japanese…)

    actually I read a real gem this week. "koe no katachi" (also known as "the shape of voice"). it was really good. it has one-shot too, but it's like the first 3 chapters, so I'd recommend you reading the manga. this is really really good, especially after first 3 chapters, it's become real gem. I didn't find it here, so it'd be nice if you add this. THO for me it won't help to much…but if it ever gets license(certainly hope so)…this might work in your favor 😛 same with silver spoon of course.

    keep the good work and good luck!

  7. Thanks for the plug, tdt – I'll try and do some updates to the store this weekend.

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