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There’s definitely a method to Miyuki’s madness, but madness it is.

In case anyone has any doubts about the importance of pitching inside, here’s a noted baseball expert explaining why it’s so important.  “I own the inside of that plate” indeed – especially for a guy with no breaking pitches, throwing inside is the only possible chance of success (though with metal bats, even getting inside on a guy is a lot harder to do).  As crazy as his ways of going about it are, Miyuki is definitely trying to lead Eijun in the right direction.

I’ve been waiting for Miyuki to, I don’t know what exactly…  Soften up?  The guy is pretty out there – my initial reaction was that he was being exaggerated early on for effect, but clearly that’s not the case.  I’m not so sure I find him likeable, frankly – though it’s a lot easier to do so as a fictional character than if I had to interact with him everyday, in which case I suspect I’d want to punch his lights out.  It’s clear that he’s extremely smart, but he’s grating to both his juniors and seniors, to the point where it’s not just for comedic effect.  We’ve seen that this is causing friction with Tanba, but not that the series is taking the position that Miyuki might actually be in the wrong.  I wonder if there will come a point where his relentless smart-assery will prove to be a real problem for him.

As for Eijun, I’d say his results from his debutante ball with the first-team were mixed, leaning towards the encouraging side.  On paper he gave up three runs in four innings, vs. 11 runs in 5 IP for Furuya.  Of course this game was never about the numbers, and Eijun had a much higher bar to clear than Furuya, whose power fastball (and power bat) had already guaranteed him a role during the summer.  Eijun got hit pretty hard, got a lot of help from his defense, but also kept his team in the game (literally, as I’m assuming the 10-run rule would have kicked in as normal) against one of the best teams in the country despite being in the middle of an exhausting training camp.

Will it be enough?  The early indications are that Tanba is going to be the ace during the summer, but there will be roles for other pitchers – the question is how many, and which ones.  And to be blunt, Tanba may be the ace but it’s clear he’s no dominant pitcher.  There’ll be opportunities for someone to step up (Kawakami remains a dark horse, but we’ll see him in action next week) and Furuya will definitely get the chance to.  Whather Eijun will as well remains to be seen – though it would certainly be an odd story choice if he wasn’t (and Kiryu’s coach praising him to Kataoka can’t hurt).  As for Haricuhi, by all indications he never got into the game – but I suspect he too will get his chance in the double-header.

If Daiya no A has plans to wrap this up after two cours, it certainly isn’t tipping its hand.  The story is still taking its time, following roughly the same pace as the manga  That has 34 volumes and I think it’s a long shot we’ll see anything like that much adapted, but hopefully the anime will at least get a chance to depict the first summer, with its requisite failed (I’m assuming) attempt to get to Koushien, giving everyone the requisite motivation to try again next year.  Perhaps, as with Major, we’ll get multiple seasons with breaks in-between – though to be fair, Major had well over 70 volumes so that’s a different matter altogether…

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  1. e

    ' I'm not so sure I find him likeable, frankly – though it's a lot easier to do so as a fictional character than if I had to interact with him everyday, in which case I suspect I'd want to punch his lights out. ' You. Leave my Kazuya Cheshire Cat(cher) alone, you :,>.
    Personally I find Eijun's roomate (the same green-haired lad pocking at Kazu's behaviour and strained relationship with Tanba right at the end) to be borderline unlikable while belonging in a somehow similar personality spectrum as Miyuki's****. Because if anything Kazuya's ways are explicitly aimed at bettering his precious little self-centered wannabe aces darlings rather than… well being a bossy senior to your junior – and butting in said junior's personal sms -. Even if that means dem aces end up hating him – Miyuki whispers the statement out himself this week – . Personally if I had to deal with the guy I'd be on watch for every moment the grin slips while enjying the show and trying to absorb his teaching like a little eager sponge. He's a good challenge (inner shonen spirit, activate!) :p.
    About this week subject of his sui generis wisdom ministrations… they are working it seems to me. Eijun is both improving and realizing the more he learns the more there is yet to learn and how naif he has been. You've chosen one tricky Beatrix and one twisty road to pitching Paradise my lad, but progressing you are :p.

    ****(notice also the remark about being 'observant'. Takes one to know one in this case imho. The in-passing 'you have no friends have you?' in such context smells like one little big clue).

  2. e

    P.S.: on the Haruichi front I wonder if not having him taking part to the match this week is a way to make us anticipate the Ginger Bros dynamics on the field… next week already, possibly? 😀

  3. t

    Miyuki is indeed a troublesome guy. as a character he is funny and all, I do find him likeable. but as a Senpai..oh god, he isn't the optimal type for Senpai LOL. but he sure has some really good points.

    indeed, this game was never about numbers. not how much you or your opponent scored. but about abilities and what tools the team has and in what they must improve. this was also a test…whether a team can play its game even after so tiring week (the camp if someone forgot LOL).

    as for the pitchers. well, Tanba seems like the strongest of the rest. whether he is a true ace and can lead the team even in most tough situation on the field against fearsome opponents?the series gave that the tone that he isn't this kind of guy. however it's not like Sawamora can take his position either.
    it seems like there might be rotations in pitching every game. as long as one of them keeps doing great, he'll remain on the mound. if he doesn't…there is always a room for the other 3 when each one of them has a different tools as pitchers. but this is just a theory….well usually it works like that (though not so sure about baseball, but other sports…yeah).

    it's to early to know what will be with DnA. for now it continues behind 2cour boundary, which is a good thing. they are not in a hurry and there is plenty of time. maybe in our summer they'll reach summer competitions LOL (probably a bit before, though). they still have a lot to cover if they plan to catch the manga, so I woudn't worry about it that much now. even if they stop and do it like major..this can still work. we'll see.

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