Mushishi Season 2 Announced

It’s not a dream, apparently.

I always suspected Mushishi was one of those shows that was more popular in the West than in Japan, but we’re getting a second season this April.  Just like that, Spring became one of the best prospective anime seasons since…  Well, since Spring 2012.  Mushishi is that big a deal.

This is definitely one of my top 20 series of all-time – I haven’t really thought about just where, but somewhere in there.  I mentioned when the current TV special was announced that it was a mild disappointment that it wasn’t a S2 announcement, because there was exactly enough manga to do a full two-cour season.  I guess they were just saving the announcement for the special.

Some things we know, most of them good – Artland (who hasn’t been busy of late) will again be producing, with Nagahama Hiroshi and most of the key staff back.  No word yet on whether this will be two cours, but again, they have exactly the same amount of manga material they used for the first 26-episode run, so it’d be a real shame if it isn’t.

This news doesn’t come as a complete shock given the existence of the TV special, but there are certainly shows I would have thought more likely to make a return to series anime than Mushishi – it could hardly be called commercial in today’s market.  This is unabashedly great news – this is a very, very special show, an adaptation that does an impossibly good job capturing the feel of a magnificent manga that seems impossible to capture on-screen.  Realistically Artland might not have the budget they did for the first run, which was one of the most beautiful TV anime ever, but I’m thrilled just to get another Mushishi series even if that’s the case.  There are days when it’s good to be an anime fan, and this is one of them.



  1. K

    my feelings right now are indescribable. I love the manga but Mushishi is one of those rare cases where I think the anime actually improves on the manga. For me it is probably the best adaptations ever. It stayed faithful to the source but with the use of music, animation, and acting made the stories come to life.

    I kept saying I want this winter to be over but now I have another reason besides the bad weather. 🙂

  2. R

    Wow, I just woke up this morning and saw this post…today must be a great day. The sun is out, the winds are calm, and everyone in the house is smiling… Thank you, Enzo, for bringing such great news. I love Mushishi — one of my top 20, too — and I'm super excited to see a season 2 coming this Spring. What's also exciting is that Nagahama-sensei and the key staff will be back…whoot whoot! With Mushishi added to the schedule, I'm even more hopeful. Now this is what a Spring season should be like.

  3. R

    Wow, I'm so excited now too! With that and Baby Steps, it sure will be an interesting spring! By the way, is it just those two anime series that have been announced that has you excited, or is there more to spring 2014?

  4. There are a few other series that look legitimately interesting, but those two are the big ones for me. If Hi Score Girl is announced for Spring that will be the third.

  5. l

    Mushishi is probably my absolute favourite anime of all time. Great news!!

  6. A

    I just watched the special, and I'm looking forward to the new series so much.
    Before the special, I'd convinced myself that they just didn't make shows like this any more. Never been so happy to be wrong in my life!

  7. s

    And with this annoucement, the fans of this series patience has been rewarded. This is what hapens when ya stay positive and hope; and who knows, we might sequels to other great works that we thought were lost to oblivion (wink wink)

  8. L

    I loved the first season and own the dub (but I haven't finished it yet), but this is great news! Winter was looking kinda weak, so Spring 2014 might just save it all.

  9. S

    Fantastic news!

  10. S

    Incredible that they were able to get the key staff on board again even after 8 years.

  11. K

    I've just arrived home, and to have my sight grasped by this fantastic announcement has definitely elated me. Mushishi has made itself as one of the firmest series in terms of sublimity. Thus, it is not surprising why it is my favorite show.

    All the series I've seen (Mushishi, Detroit Metal City and Aku no Hana), which were maneuvered by Nagahama Hiroshi, are all distinct from one another. However, they stand individually lofty in their own rights. If I'm not mistaken, Mushishi's first season only covered 6 volumes of Yuki Urushibara's manga. My faith runs steadily for the director's adeptness, and I expect him to have the remaining 4 volumes adapted just as splendidly as the first one.

    In any case, thanks a bunch for sharing this wonderful news. 😀

  12. R

    Silently screaming into the night since my family is asleep but if I was alone I'd probably still be loud enough to cause the neighbors to call the police on suspicion of a homicide occurring next door XD But there are no words that can describe my elation, just hopeless (and silent) fangirl screams. The long high pitched break the windows type.

  13. M

    More Nagahama-sama in the world is never a bad thing.

  14. F

    Mushishi was one of the first anime I watched, fresh after Evangelion if I'm not mistaken. Even though I'm still somewhat of a newbie I look back with fondness on that experience. Were this upcoming Mushishi to be the only worthy show in the spring I will still consider it to be a great spring.

  15. e

    Can one enter state of quiet elation at the news? Yes.

  16. I'm slowly re-watching the first season, and it really is as good as I remember it. The second ep (mushi in the eyes) felt like it lasted about three minutes.

  17. K

    I just started re-watching the first season, as well, I haven't seen it since 2010. The scene in the first episode with Renzu and Shinra drinking the Kouki made me remember all over again how beautiful it is.
    On a second note, you said in another comment that you're excited for High Score Girl, is the manga that good?

  18. I think it is. YMMV, of course.

  19. e

    oh dear I remember jumping on my seat during that episode… when the mushi stream erupted from her eyes.
    One of the standout episods definitely.

  20. G

    I just watched the Mushi-shi OAD movie that just came out. Very good story.

  21. It is good. Not elite by Mushishi standards IMO, but good nonetheless.

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