Yozakura Quartet Hana~no~Uta – 11

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The whole “season” thing just seems to matter a whole lot less to Yozakura Quartet than most series.

It’s been a while for YQ, but as usual in the fansub community when a show gets orphaned, somebody steps up to the plate – and so it is here.  Layoffs don’t quite seem as big a deal with this show though because structurally speaking, it’s pretty non-linear.  It jumps all over the map, from character to character and plot to plot, serious to slapstick to sexy and back again.  And plots start in OVAs and finish in TV series, or (as will be the case here) vice-versa.  The best advice for Yozakura is just “go with it”.

That seemingly random backstory for Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t random, though, as we find out with the introduction of Lila (the wonderful Kayano Ai).  Lila is Juli’s little sister – and a freak of a little sister at that.  Obsessively siscon, possessed of strange magical powers, she supposedly died suddenly as a child – but she shows up uninvited now, as a half-demon teamed up with Enjin and still hooked on impressive people with her prestidigitation.  An ill-timed (but seemingly not coincidental) question from Hime solicits just the wrong answer from Juli, and puts Lila in a very bad mood.

The rest of the episode is more or less focused on superficially unrelated drive-bys strung loosely together – Kyousuke fighting with his own imouto, Shidare giving a lecture on Onmyoudo, science and magic (actually the most interesting part of the episode for me), Yuuhi swapping between his shota and bishounen forms.  At first you might think it weird for a series to do this two eps from the end, but again, the normal rules just don’t apply to YQ – every episode really does feels like it started when the wheel stopped in the middle of another episode.  Yozakura Quartet is the anime equivalent of an elevator that stops halfway between floors and trusts you to climb out on your own.

To end on a random note (fittingly): I’ve always wondered – why do the characters speak in Osaka-ben even though this series is set in Tokyo?

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  1. l

    Of all the series that aren't receiving official streams, I miss YQ the most. I depend on you and AnimeSuki to keep me informed as I suffer from my self-imposed No Fansubs rule. Thank you for reviewing YQ, Enzo.

  2. K

    Shidare's expression seems like a boy caught red handed with his porn collection. I wonder if it will work out between him and Juri. And by the way, thanks Enzo. Are you the done with the finals yet?

  3. b

    Enzo you should read chapters 35-39 (chapter 34 is the end of Hoshi no Umi). They're set in the Edo period and focus on Yae, Yuuhi and Mariabelle.
    It explains how the siblings became Land Gods in Sakuramachi and gives further insight of the relationship between Yuuhi and Mariabelle, this episode already showed why Yuuhi tends to stay in his child form.
    Those chapters also reveal minor unimportant details like the origin of Juri's sexy nurse uniform or why Yae became a nun.

  4. You're welcome Kaname and LKK, and yes, finals are done and done.

    Beverly, thanks for the tip – I'll check those chapters out.

  5. t

    luckily, Cthuko were just trolling (I did suspect it's a troll with their crazy post..but I wasn't sure), and they didn't abandon the project. THO by the time they've released ep11 I already watched alternative subs which wasn't so bad.
    but ep 12 is already available in Cthuko version.

    that aside, this arc in YQ totally reminds me of the OVA.

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