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No question about it, this incarnation of Yozakura Quartet is really rounding into form.  Ryo-timo’s unique sense of style is as much a joy as ever, and the story is ramping into high gear.

OP2: “Kid, I like Quartet” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN

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I really liked the choice Ryo-timo made when it came to what to do about overlapping the material covered in the Hoshi no Umi OVA series (which he also directed).  Rather than a recap episode or even a simple recap – or just ignoring the material altogether – he gave us an extended credit sequence featuring the Hoshi no Umi OP, with a collection of scenes from those episodes.  It was a nice call-back to the OVA and that OP (excellent in its own right, though I love the TV OP a lot), and a nice refresher for those of us that have seen it.  I can’t imagine it will fill in many blanks for those who never watched the OVA, but I don’t think there’s any way he was going to be able to accomplish that anyway.

While I’ve commented frequently on the matter-of-fact, take it in stride way YQ tends to gloss over the weirdness taking place in Sakura Newtown, this is the part where the plot really stats to assert itself in a good way.  I like the conflict Yasuda-sensei has set up here, and Enjin is an excellent villain – all the more so because of what that body means to the heroes of the series.  There are a great many centers of power in this story, and most of them hold their cards pretty close to the vest about what side they’re really on (no matter what Enjin says) which gives the whole enterprise an electric and unpredictable quality that’s quite fun to experience.

There was a ton of the usual stylistic flair all over this episode, with the scene where Enjin “tunes” Akina especially good (great sound design here, too).  As to what Akina saw little is revealed here, but just what the other world might be like is the elephant in the room in Yozakura Quartet – the uncertainly hangs over everyone, but most especially Akina himself.  I’ve always thought of it as a thinly veiled metaphor for death – no one on this side really knows what it’s like on the other side or if there even is another side, and that surely makes Akina feel very much like what he does is murder.  And the fact that the memorial ground for all the youkai that have been tuned looks very much like a cemetery doesn’t do anything to dispel the image.

Also of note in this episode is that Ryo-timo finally found a way to avoid a panty shot – with a nopan shot, Kotoha style.  Don’t worry though, he’s not going soft – get plenty of cotton (Nurse Ratchet’s skirt is so short pretty much every appearance she makes  is an extended panty shot), including from the moeblob.  We also get the most extended appearance yet from the Elders, who’ve been very silent thus far but are very much one of those inscrutable centers of power.  Iyo (Kiyowaka Mutumu – always great to hear Futsuyuki’s voice) proves a beast with a pipe stem, and Shidare (Himada Kenji) introduces a literal wild-card into the mix for the first time – onmyoudou.  Things are about to get very explosive around Sakura Newtown.

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  1. G

    I love this series but am very fustrated that they never resolve the Enjin problem. He shows up each week, causes some sort of a shitstorm and then disappears until next week. Even when they got their hands on him and he is down for the count the cigarette smoking land god shows up to cockblock them from doing anything. Very fustrating indeed.

  2. s

    Man, that scene when Enjin was showing Akina a glimpse of the other side…i thought i was watching a horror series for a sec with how the art became so visceral and the sound direction became that much impending. Seriously, Ryochimo knows how to craft an action series.

    Im quite pleased with Kaji Yuuki's performance as Akina. I know there's quite a large group of people that like to harp on him (with some who usually judge his performances based on the characters he plays rather than his actual performances in general), but when given the appropriate role (like Satoru from Shin Sekai Yori), Kaji can actually deliver a fairly nice effort and his role as Akina's is becoming one of his most natural performances yet. In my opinion he's a fairly average seiyuu but his major weakness is that he lacks subtlety and doesnt truly own his characters.

  3. I don't disagree that part of the problem is that Kaji has been typecast, and it's an especially bad type. I do think he's a fairly weak seiyuu though, and SSY succeeds for other reasons rather than his performance. He's fine – I don't think he adds or detracts and the series is so good that's plenty.

    I also agree he's good here – and I've said so repeatedly. This is probably his most natural and convincing (and yes, likeable) performance. He's quite good. I would also rank Zetsuen as another series where he does a nice job.

  4. H

    You guys just don't like his best role, Hyoudou Issei, because of the type of show it is. He really is excellent for that character.

  5. s

    I quite enjoy high-school dxd actually so all da power to that series…it knows what it is and makes no qualms about it

  6. K

    I sense brilliance in this episode. I like it.


  7. t

    it's more like…there is a gap here, and I am not talking only about the new OP (why?? I like the 1st OP). simply put, something is a bit different. now, the pace and characters remind more the way the were in the OVA. of course, not exactly 'cause we got a little development in plot, but I can't shake that feeling of the "gap".

    the OP quite yelling it out loud.
    sure, I still love YQ. it's special, lovely, intriguing and executing everything altogether very well.
    but when I watch a series, and it's 1cour..it doesn't feel right to have a gap or inconsistency (sure, consistence with the OVA..still a mess with the first half of the this season).

    can't be helped I guess…that's how it is. I wish it was 2cour or it would be more consistent, maybe a series of OVA instead of 1cour series that messed up a bit with the whole sequence.

  8. s

    It seems like they are telling the series in parts; incase any of you YQ watchers weren't aware, the first ep of the tsuki no naku ova's has been released which takes place after this current arc…watch at your own peril for there are spoilers in it. This series purpose seems to be to bridge those two ova's so that the producers can cement a future for this series

  9. J

    Soooo…. I'm new to YQ this season… what should I go back and watch before I get to this episode?

  10. t

    OVA called "Hoshi no Umi".

    technically this OVA is consisted of 3 eps in total.
    please pay attention you are watching this specific OVA which called Hoshi no Umi, because there is also another OVA for YQ which called "Tsuki ni Naku". and you are supposed to watch that only after completing the current season (and Hoshi no Umi of course).


  11. H

    Having not seen the other OVA, I was pretty lost for a while at the beginning of this episode. Wondered if I'd missed a week or something.

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