The Best in Anime 2013 (Your Name Here)

It’s almost time to look back on the best anime of the year, so I thought it might be nice to use the opportunity to thank supporters of the site.

This weekend, I’ll be starting my year-end countdown of the best anime of 2013.  I thought it would be fun to share the stage with a few of you, so here’s what I came up with: any reader who signs on as a monthly patron of $5 or more (either Patreon or Paypal) before now and the end of the year gets to have their personal 2013 “10-Best” list post on the front page as part of the countdown.  That of course means your post will have its own dedicated comment thread as well, so argue all you want…

Also – as you may have noted, the Yowapeda V1 discs are now in the Amazon store – may they do better than Kyousougiga did (that seems like a sure bet at this point).  If you have any last-minute holiday shopping to do, stop by and check out the store – the LiA selections page has some interesting choices for the anime fans on your list.

As always, thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and financially supports LiA!



  1. R

    I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work — seriously, you're the most hard-working blogging in the universe — dedication, passion and inspiring thoughts throughout the year — and the years prior. I haven't been active enough as I so wanted to be lately — I got overly ambitious myself starting fall that I have got myself so physically drained for months — sorry. Happy holidays to you and wishing you great health, happiness and achievements in 2014.

    Also, happy holidays to every reader here.

  2. Thanks, Ronbb! Your continued support has been an amazing thing – I can't think you enough for your generosity.

  3. e

    All the best to you and happy holidays Ronbb :,*

  4. R

    Same to you sister…wishing you a peaceful holiday season. 🙂

  5. A

    Gonna make a switch here from Starcrossed to here (Psgels has been slow with his updates lately), and since you share similar taste, though you're more forgiving and more open, it should be an easy transition.

    Calling it now : Kyousogiga

  6. Thanks, Alec – great to have you here.

  7. i

    GE I think all the support you've got these last few months is a sign of how much people respect your commentry. Both it's intelligence and speed are probably amongst the best in the aniblogging sphere. Maybe a career route could be in working for an English branch of an anime company or something?

  8. Thanks Ish, don't think I'm leaving any stones unturned in trying to figure out a way to do that…

  9. A

    This may be late, but always continue what you do best Enzo, I'm happy for you and wish you more success in the upcoming year. Looking forward to excellent posts.

    – Dunn

  10. Thank you, Dunn, same to you.

  11. A

    Here's my list. We have many favorites in common this year, surprisingly!

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