Kyousougiga – 10.5 (End)

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Thanks for the memories, Kyousougiga.

There hasn’t been much that’s orthodox about the way Kyousougiga has been structured.  It started with an ONA, then added five short web episodes, and then more than a year later finally came the TV series.  Putting a travelogue episode in the middle and a recap at the end of a one-cour series is a first for me too, though the former significantly contributed to the impact of the overall series.  As for this recap, it really is just a recap so there’s not a lot to be said about it.

Kugimiya Rie (Koto) and Suzumura Kenichi (Myoue) provide a bit of voice commentary as themselves, but mostly it’s just a scroll of the key moments in the TV series.  That’s not a bad thing by any means – it’s nice to look back on those moments with the benefit of hindsight (like spotting the moments “Grandpa” chose to appear) but it doesn’t meaningfully alter the narrative.  So you can look at last week’s episode as the true conclusion of Kyousougiga, which is fine given that it ranks as one of the best final episodes of the year.

I covered everything I would normally cover in a series review post last week (and who knows, I might be writing about this show again sometime soon) so all I really need to do here is reiterate how much I love Kyousougiga – its ambition, its execution, and its heart and intelligence.  As I said last week this isn’t just the kind of series that makes me love anime, it’s the kind that made me love anime in the first place.

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  1. F

    Well then!


    To quote the ancient addage "Brevity is praised even by the rhetoricians." ^^

  2. s

    Currently listening to track #31 of the OST, Heartbreaking Loneliness. I've never been so impressed by the music from an anime since Eureka 7.

  3. R

    I love track #27 the most.

  4. L

    I love all these tracks and listen to them all often—but the first one that pops into my head is usually #38, 世界の果てまでも. It just gets so intense as the song goes on!

    #30, 風と雲と夕焼け空, is also quite lovely. It's something I'd hear on a classical radio.

    I also really like #3, 永遠の都, when it starts off with the woodwinds and get so… majestic around the 1:39 mark.

  5. m

    "and who knows, I might be writing about this show again sometime soon"

    a very heavy hint that it made into top 5? though i wouldnt expect any less

  6. t

    with that, our journey with kyosogiga is done..I don't know if brilliant is the right way to describe, but it was something so special and unique, you don't see everyday.
    I know it's sad to say goodbye for a great series, but I think Kyosogiga served well as 10 eps +2 speical recaps (ep 00 and 10.5). it stayed focus.

    as for ep 10.5 – it was a fine recap to remind us the road Kyosogiga made with us. and it was pleasure hearing the 2 main characters bringing a bit more of what we loved so much.

    I think Toei carry out a great series. among all of their regulars such as one piece, Toriko and (infinite) was great to see Toei bringing us something quite different and unique.

    as always, Thanks for blogging us Kyosogiga and sharing your thoughts.
    I was impressed reading how much passion you have for Kyosogiga week by week (that's why I expect to find it among top-4 left for your top-10 list HaHa).

  7. Z

    Was there any doubt? Clearly it will duke it out with SSY and HxH for the top spot.

  8. A

    The recap is just beautiful. Enough said.

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