First Impressions – PuPiPo!

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In every way, PuPiPo! is just the appetizer.

I was disappointed to see that PuPiPo! is going to be a three minute series, because I like mangaka Oshikiri Rensuke and I thought this had some sleeper potential.  I’m not going to blog a three-minute series, but I did want to pupipost on PuPiPo! because this week brought the welcome news that Oshikiri-sensei’s best-known work, Hi Score Girl, will be getting an anime (hopefully full-length) in 2014.

You may recall that I mentioned in the Winter Preview post that HSG was the series I wished had gotten the adaptation, and I’ve mentioned several times how prominently it seems to be featured at every bookstore in Tokyo, and seemed a likely candidate for an anime.  It’s a very good manga indeed – funny, clever and even sort of deep – and it was a third-place finisher in this year’s Manga Taishou and a finalist for the Tezuka Award.  Not a bad seller either – about 100K for the most recent volume.  This announcement was welcome news indeed.

If you want to get a sense of Oshikiri’s art style at least, PuPiPo! is quite representative.  The premiere is cute, with a couple of decent gags, but it’s really only enough to make me wish it wasn’t only three minutes long.

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  1. t

    it was decent for short anime of 3-4 minutes.
    not much to say since it's short and this ep was mostly an introduction.
    mostly, I am not a fan of short I don't know how much I'll be persistent in following it.

    however, I don't see this holds longer than 3-4 minutes anime…I mean, I can't imagine this in normal period. I'd drop it if it were longer. maybe it's because of the current execution..I don't know.

  2. i

    Is this that super scary, super incest, super creepy, horror anime? The one that you thought was super graphic.

  3. m

    isnt that pupa?

  4. M

    Absolutely not 🙂

  5. m

    how do you think hi-score girl would look on anime though – whether it suits full length or short? maybe, from yr ans i can sort of anticipate watching it since 3-mins is hard for me to take any anime seriously

  6. God, I can't imagine they'd do HSG as a 3-minute. No reason it shouldn't be full-length.

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