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    so pretty 🙂 i wish the place i live in has seasons

  2. It's definitely more like where I grew up, in Chicago, and I did miss seasons living in coastal California (though SF has them to an extent). But there's something to be said for that kind of weather, too…

  3. t

    wow, it so nice^^
    how's the weather? is it cold? I do see people wearing coats and all, but how really it feels?

  4. It was quite warm today – about 18 degrees. Generally it's been around 13-15 for daytime highs.

  5. e

    O_O *__*V No kidding I was snapping pics of gingkos myself on the way back from work earlier (there are a few of them near the railway station. Their yellow and the shapes of their leaves are are delight in this season. It makes one overlook their eau de rotten fruits. Acid soil and rainy climate… )
    Back to the blogger's pictures: interesting pruning. Here they leave gingkos to branch out freely but the triangular drop shape is pretty neat too. And there are so many of them! Between shape and quantites it's an almost unreal spectacle. And beautiful.

  6. Not all the areas are pruned like that, but this is a sort of grand boulevard thing. The gingkoes around Todai are pretty much natural, and there's a 250 year-old one in Hibiya Park called "Risk Your Neck Gingko" that looks like something out of Negima.

  7. F

    I am sure Shimako would have been thrilled to see that as well…

    Lovely pictures!

  8. R

    This is so beautiful…I would be in awe if I were there. Am jealous.

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