Site Updates: LiA Goes European (and Poetry) – Updated 11/30 w/MyPic Japan

Never let it be said that I’m not responsive to my readers.

Update: MYPIC Japan is one of those companies I talked about a few weeks ago that have approached me to advertise on the site.  I like what they do, and it’s relevant – they have a group of artists who create anime-manga themed avatars for fans.  They have over a hundred artists with a wide range of styles.  I checked with a couple of the artists who are regulars at LiA and they said that the staff at MYPIC seemed very talented, so I though I’d add them to the LiA family.  Click the link in the sidebar if you want to check them out!

At the request of some of the European audience, I’ve created a store at Amazon UK (link in the sidebar).  This should be usable for anyone based in Europe.  I mirrored the USA store as closely as possible, though there are some differences in what Amazon and Amazon UK stock so each has some stuff that isn’t available at the other.  I also added a Hosoda Mamoru section to both stores.

I’ve also been spending some time considering what I can offer as perks for those of you that have chosen to support the site, and as I haven’t gotten a whole lot in terms of requests so I pretty much had to wing it for now.  In addition to the shout-outs, I thought I’d do a little something special for everyone who’s chosen to support the site as an ongoing patron.

Tote bags and mugs are way too PBS so… for everyone who signs on as a patron on Patreon or subscribes via Paypal at $5 a month or more between now and the end of the year, I’ll compose a haiku, with dedication to the supporter, about the series or character of your choice.  And as four of you have already signed on as Patreon patrons, you already qualify – just email me or comment here your request, and I’ll get my poetry on.  Composing poetry for patrons, you know – just like in the Renaissance!

As for one-time donations, sincere thanks to all of you as well!  Galvin, Stephen and Jemin are the top contributors with very generous donations, and I’d like to do something special for you as well.  So if you have any requests just email me or comment and if I can, I’ll do it – of course if you’d like a haiku I’ll happily do that too!



  1. R

    If the Renaissance had anime that is XD

    In my case, I want a haiku dedicated to sports anime/manga (any series of character) in celebration of the fact that I have irrevocably been sucked into the whirlpool and it's still mainly your fault (in the best way possible)

  2. OK, got it. Give me a little contemplation time.

  3. R

    That MyPic site seems neat 😀
    Can we apply to become the artist? Or it's only limited to the Japanese?

  4. As far as I know it's only limited by talent, so go for it – but emailing them is a lot better idea than asking me…

  5. R

    Thanks for your suggestion, Enzo!
    First time comment here. I've been following this site for a while because I enjoyed your HxH posts (of course other posts as well) and love your insightful review. Keep it up! 😀

  6. p

    I have one, but I don't know if you're going to have time for it, but nonetheless I'll ask.

    I remember you did a blog post on Makoto Shinkai and his movies. How about at some point you write a blog post about Mari Okada and go all out :p.

    If this is too much work (I don't blame you if you refuse since it's indeed one marathon of a topic), just say so I'll think of something else :p

  7. Well you earned it… I'll do one but I won't promise Hamlet – it might be on the short side. I feel like I've said a fair bit about her already for better or for worse, and I don't want to just repeat myself the whole time.

  8. A

    Hi. I'm an animator/vfx artist and I've been commisioned to do a parody/satire of anime.

    A medium I'm not too familiar w/ and admittedly wasn't very fond of. Long pans. Boring back story. Circa 1980s swelling piano music. That was my uninformed view of it. (yay Americuh!)

    Just not my cup of tea.

    BUT, man, since I've been researching anime it's blown my mind and I'm totally nerding out on it. Your site has been a great help and a huge inspiration.

    May i suggest a dummys guide to anime aspect of your site? I know it's a pretty immense undertaking but it'd be awesome to kind of have a guide to help (not dictate) and encourage different realms of the insanely huge spectrum that is anime.

    Again, threw you a couple bones via paypal (merry xmas) but more importantly, thank you soo much. You. Rock.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  9. I just got that, thanks very much! I'll take that under advisement but as you say, that's a very big challenge. It would almost be easier to do it as a podcast, I think.

  10. W

    How about a haiku on your favorite veggie? Nom nom nom! 😀 And as always, thanks for your fabulous (and super timely) posts!

  11. My favorite… veggie? OK, but I'll have to think about just what that is.

  12. e

    Oohoh a tasty request. 😀

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