Lost in America Amazon Store is Open for Business

Yes, we do have those…

So I’ve taken the plunge and set up an LiA Amazon Store.  The link is in the Navigation bar, and the preview window in the sidebar.

This seems like kind of a no-lose proposition to me.  It’s a great way for readers who want to support the site to do so without it costing anything above what they’d be spending anyway, but I actually hope it will prove a useful tool for at least some of you.

What went into the thinking as I set it up?  Well, obviously I’d certainly appreciate it if you choose to port to Amazon through the LiA store even when you aren’t buying anime-themed merchandise – that’s why I added all the big categories like electronics, TVs, smartphones, books, music, etc.  I also added a general section for each of Anime, Manga, and anime-themed stuff like clothes, iPhone accessories, music, etc.  But I also set up a “Lost in America Selections” site, which contains every interesting thing I could find related to site favorites likes Chihayafuru, Hunter X Hunter, etc.  It also has a section for anime that are airing this season, and I plan to add links for the import releases of current shows I cover here when the Japanese Blu-rays and DVDs become available.

Frankly (and I’m not just saying this) I was surprised by how much stuff Amazon has – tons of posters and other swag related to less commercial series like Ginga e Kickoff and Seirei no Moribito, all kinds of Japanese import goods etc.  Obviously any available BD/DVD is on there, plus Japanese editions of manga (the Japanese/English dual editions of Chihayafuru are a personal favorite – a nice learning tool) and the licensed US editions where available.  This is the section that I hope reflects both my tastes and yours, and I’m hopeful it’ll be interesting and useful to have all that stuff gathered together in one place.

It would be extremely helpful if you guys would let me know (either by commenting or emailing) of stuff you’d like to see in the store and isn’t – it’s a work in progress and I’ll be adding new stuff continually.  And any and all feedback would be much appreciated.

As far as supporting the site through other means is concerned, thanks to many generous readers it’s been a great first week.  Most of you chose to go through Paypal, but a couple have chosen to support the site by becoming patrons on Patreon.  I’ve also set up a link in the sidebar so that anyone who wants to subscribe montly but doesn’t want to sign up with Patreon can simply do it through Paypal as well.

Sincere thanks once again, to everyone who supports this site with your visits and your comments.




  1. e

    Aw the GeK section <3 .
    Suggestion: Shin Sekai Yori and Shirokuma Café merch?
    note: unless you sneaked it in on purpose there's a Michiko and Hatchin among your Tsuritama goodies on page 1

    Is it even possible for the LiA shop to be featured in more than on one Amazon site and without hassle/cost? Talking by previous purchasing experience, as an Europe-based customer I've got my Vertical and Viz titles, dvds and non-anime merch from amazon.co.uk rather than .com because of quick standard shipping time and no customs worries.
    I'm a nag. I know. Sumimasen.

    In any case good luck! 🙂

  2. Shirokuma is certainly doable – there's a ton of stuff. Not so much for Shin Sekai Yori but I could add what I can find.

    As for the UK thing, the way it works is that I have to enroll in the affiliates program for each locale I want to connect with in order for purchases made there to count. So I'd have to open a separate UK account (assuming that's even allowed without a UK address, I'm not sure) plus Japan, or whatever other locale I wanted a store in. If I get a lot of requests for it it's something I could definitely look into.

  3. Shirokuma and SSY stores added…

  4. e

    I suspected something along those lines yeah.
    And also… Yatta!

    Humour this clueless maiden a moment: what's that thing in your post picture supposed to be? ^__^"

  5. It's the webcam Tomoko ordered in the seiyuu event ep of Watamote.

  6. q

    Just curious, would you be able to find any type of music books/sheet music in stores? Two that come to mind are Cowboy Bebop (obviously pretty rare) and Sakamichi no Apollon. I would definitely be interested in purchasing items like this. Thanks.

  7. Done!

    BTW – still one of the best anime EDs, ever.

  8. O

    If there was a way to get some sweet figures, that would be awesome. Something hunterxhunter related. Or Valvrave and those sweet mecha designs. :3

  9. Valvrave models added to "This Season's Anime" page!

  10. C

    It would be nice if there's a merchandise relating to karuta cards. =)

  11. I have Karuta decks in the Chihayafuru section! ;-P

  12. R

    Enzo, I have a little request. I'm wondering if you can find the OSTs of Shin Sekai Yori. I've been searching for them but in vain. If you can find them, I will definitely make a purchase. Much appreciated.

  13. No luck so far, I'll see what I can do.

  14. R
  15. R

    Thank you so much Zeta Zero…!!! I found this as well and got a copy, but I really can't find the OSTs anywhere despite searching for months :-(.

  16. M

    Were they released exclusively with the first run of BD/DVDs I wonder?

    My store:

  17. R

    Thank you so much Maxulous.

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