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The odds were pretty heavily stacked against this episode going in as far as I’m concerned.

Taking everything into consideration, I think the surprise for me is that I didn’t really dislike this episode of KyouKan.  It was a 100% comedic episode in a series that really struggles with comedy.  It was a blatantly fan-dering episode from a studio that panders to its fans way too much to begin with.  It featured a truly awful piece of music at the heart of its climactic scene.  But in spite of all that, it wasn’t half-bad.  I don’t have much to say about it, but it was modestly fun to watch.

The pics tell the story – it was just a light-hearted waste of time about a vaguely Zetsuen-esque (was that “Exodus” reference in there intentionally?) youmu that defends itself by squirting noxious liquid when threatened (nothing unusual about that in nature).  Conveniently, this youmu also happens to be an ecchi-freak who likes young girls and J-pop.  Check your logic circuits at the door – there’s no attempt to make any of this stand as anything but a pretense for mild fanservice and extreme silliness.  The main thing that strikes me is that I was pretty much pulling for the youmu here – it hung out quietly on the school roof and didn’t do anything to bother anybody, and why should it be punished because it likes to look at cute girls?  It’s not like there was any touching going on.

As for the so-called ending, well – seriously, no one thought of that little problem?  Apart from that, I wonder how it is that Hirofumi (who’s emerged as the funniest character in the cast) knew what song had been used “the last time someone defeated” this youmu – wouldn’t the youmu be dead if that was the case?  Again, I should take my own advice here and not worry about logic.  There were a few decent laughs and no youmu were harmed in the filming, so no harm done – but now KnK has to get back to the more serious task of building on the case it began to make in episodes 4-5 that there are compelling reasons to keep watching it.

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  1. t

    KnK seems to have spare time. a lot of it. and one might wonder why they waste it so much…half of the series has passed along..we've only seen one or two episode in total time which was really really good. the rest…?not that bad..but could have been better.

    it's not the first of simply SoL episode. and it's definitely not the first time of wasting time during an episode.
    they continue to stuff us with the "megane"(glasses) and "siscon" things. I mean…it's nice that our characters have bizarre side…but one should wonder..why they keep expressing it too much and push it toward the viewers. and it's really too much…it's funny for sometimes..not all times
    I thought they might restrain themselves…but I guess it's not gonna happen. and forgive me, but I must say this, in contrast to Chuunibyou which succeeded in that matter, KnK just fails again. it's not that funny anymore…part of it is the characters fault, part of it is the lousy performance…but something doesn't feel right with it every episode.

    yet, I do must say, this episode managed to have a lot of funny moments. and it was really funny.
    the simplicity of weird youmu that defys logic was getting along well with our "stupidish" fellows. it just felt right. no need to be too much sophisticated to enjoy good fantasy-SoL.
    I mean..what. can't he be killed after he spit on you that fluid?they really didn't think that someone should kill him?they cant lock him in cage?they really couldnt surprise him in another way?
    they can do all those things and more. but who cares about logic. it was funny and it did the job with all stink and bizarre moments. funny and simple. that what it is.

    Kyoukai no idols (:P) was funny too, though the boys looked weird S:

    well, it really seems like a mid-episode (again?). it could also served as a wonderful ending SoL episode for the series. I did felt that way at the last part where they practiced and all..
    and I think that was the purpose of it. to let enjoy and feel the relaxed daily atmosphere and enjoy the chimestry within the group.
    now KnK gonna be a bumpy road for its second half. at least it seems like it. and I hope things will be more interesting, surprising, high-paced. they can do it. come on KyoAni!

    hmmm no "weekly digest" with tokyo ravens? I might take as a "yes" for the question "did you drop it?". which won't surprise me if you did 😛

    but thanks for keep blogging KnK.

  2. J

    Hiromi might be the best character in the cast, but I'd much prefer it if half his lines weren't 'BTW I'M A SISCON'.

  3. Me too, but I still think he's the funniest (note that I did say that, and not "best").

  4. A

    It was silly, but fun, and I kind of enjoyed watching it, but you have to wonder if this would have been better as an OVA or Blu-Ray extra.
    Or maybe they've decided to have a bit of goofy fun before the latter part of the series which would become more serious.

    Although I did think for a moment that the song to defeat the Youmu would turn out to be "Fuwa Fuwa Time".

  5. .

    The perverted dreamshade o_0

    The Japanese head writer HAS expressed his profound apologies for this ep via Twitter, if it makes you feel better. (^ ^)
    But do you really think it's a calculated move by the animators to push DVD sales? I'm not really sure how their business structures work after all.
    PS. People are saying the Japanese otaku are all making orders for Infinite Stratos 2, which means Japanese otaku masses truly have rock-bottom taste in their shows.

  6. You're just figuring that out now??

    Yes, Hanada has basically said he wanted to indulge himself with this ep and the director let him. No idea if it's true, but I don't really see an ep like this being a big BD sales booster. As others have said, it seems more like a bonus ep or OVA itself.

  7. E

    Its the only episode so far that was actually really engaging. Had some of the magic of the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. I dont really understand what fanservice is supposed to be, but im pretty sure i like it, whatever it is 🙂

  8. s

    about the fact that the youmu was defeated once before; youmu arent just one of a kind; there exists more than one of each species, meaning that a few of those fruit youmu have been hunted before, they are just extremely difficult to kill. I enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout this ep, but i would have rather had this ep as an ova so that the building of good eps from ep 4 and 5 would have continued. Now ep 7 needs to build on what ep 4 and 5 started otherwise its going to waste the potential this series actually had to make anything meaningful out of its narrative. At this point im just going to enjoy the ride.

  9. K

    It's funny. It makes me laugh. I enjoy it. Why should anything else matter?


  10. R

    This is a single cour series right? I heard there are 12 episodes? I just wonder if they really have the extra time to "waste" on a type of episode like this.

  11. t

    I think 13 episodes..but yeah 1cour.
    I mentioned that as well. why would they "waste" episodes on fantasy-SoL?
    those episodes are quite fun to watch and unique in term of really SoL of fantasy life, but one should wonder why it came that way of slowpoke since the beginning.

    I guess KyoAni are still same old-KyoAni..they deal better with SoL rather then pushing the plot in high-pace.
    well, it's kinda fun to have those eps, but the series loses its potential with more eps like that…I still trust KyoAni and I believe they planned something good for the second half and the ending, but the way things rolling so far, isn't satisfying enough IMHO

  12. Z

    Kyoto Animation are the most overrated studio in modern history. Essentially a BD sale factory money making machine.

  13. R

    You're being quite lenient on this series Enzo :p. Not that your criticisms on other light novel titles this season such as Tokyo Ravens hasn't been spot on, but I'm curious why this one has managed to not rub you the wrong way as much. Granted, it's not like you're loving it or anything.

    To me this episode finally destroyed whatever integrity in storytelling it had left, so I cannot see how anyone could see it as anything but an utter disaster.

  14. M

    I think that if one didn't expect much of this to begin with and expected even less as it went along,this episode can turn out to be pretty fun.I mean like,I'd say the comedy actually worked here which I'll give it credit for after it's terrible attempts at it so far.

    You sound like you still had higher hopes for it though 😛

  15. I don't see myself being lenient – I have no bias in favor of KyoAni shows if that's what you're suggesting, and my track record is ample evidence of that. I simply neither love it or hate it – I write when I think. The first three eps had me close to dropping – I quite liked the 4th and 5th. And while this one was exceedingly trivial, I found it to be intermittently amusing.

  16. R

    Not suggesting you have a bias for the studio. If I implied so, then that is poor wording on my part. I was merely wondering why a lot of the typical light novel trappings here haven't turned you really off like some other shows this season. Whether it be the overloading of catch phrases (fuyukai desu, megane, imouto, yadda yadda yadda), the standard light novel plots, and what not.

    Usually that's the sort of stuff that drives you crazy, or maybe I was wrong?

  17. Well again, it's not as though I'm in love with this series so I'm not sure what I'm defending. But I don't find the LN trappings as crass and transparent here as I do with many other LN adaptations.

  18. R

    Well there's nothing to defend really, that's why lol. Was just inquiring why this show hasn't made you drop it like some other ones this season. Not to say some of those other shows aren't far worse (Unbreakable Machine Doll was just insulting). In any case I got my answer more or less.

  19. What can I say, I just don't find this seres to be offensive in that cliche LN way. KyoAni has their own cliches out the ying-yang, but I find they don't generally toss dignity out the window quite so insultingly as most LN adaptations do, except for their very worst moments.

    Mind you, I still have my doubts about KyouKan and it's really only the 4th and 5th eps that have struck me as genuinely interesting and good.

  20. s

    hey, if you enjoy something, you enjoy it;. That's what i always say. I think one of the most important things when it comes to watching anime or tv or any type of media is to never lose your ability to just have fun with something and nothing else shpuld really matter; no need to justify. As much fun as I enjoyed this ep though, I found it jarring to the series and i am really going to see what this series has to offer by next ep, Well, at least i had kyousogiga to filll in the void this week; that made me feel better after i watching this week's ep

  21. S

    This episode is much more interesting if you consider the Youmu as an anime fan…you know, the whole freaking out and salivating over 2D idols, that sort of things. When you looked at it that way it's a bit more interesting, although Hiromi and Akihito's fetishes are starting to grate on me a bit, the majority of their lines feels they're about their respective fetishes (that was an awfully constructed sentence). I suppose I'll keep watching for Mitsuki, though.

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