The Doctor is in…

In case you missed it, Peter Capaldi has been cast as the new Doctor Who.  

I confess I didn’t buy the rumors – I never thought Moffatt would go through with casting an actual grown-up as The Doctor.  Capaldi is 55 and while he’s easily now best known known as Malcolm Tucker from “The Thick of it”, I’ve loved him since his work is “Local Hero”.  A terrific actor, and a big fan of the show – he actually wrote a fan letter to the Radio Times as a 15 year-old.

This is the most excited I’ve been about Doctor Who in a long time.  I liked Matt Smith as The Doctor, but I think Capaldi can take the role to places it hasn’t been for a long time.



  1. e

    *LOL at the casting a grown-up bit*
    I'm intrigued. I had to check his roles list to realize I knew him – and no I didn't watch either of the highlist works you mentioned – but he seems very promising. And that Richelieu facial hair in the photo you picked is wicked. I'm rooting for him to keep it as the Doctor too.
    And now excuse me while I go hunting down The Lair Of The White Worm.

  2. e

    sorry, my typo: highlist–>highlight

  3. i

    What number doctor is this like 12th? I only ever see Doctor Who on Top Gear because they keep bringing cast members in. Hope he's good.

  4. f

    I'm curious, I only found out about Dr. Who today and that was because they had a whole special on the BBC. I saw a bit of the sample clips and I'm not trying to bash, but what is it about this series particularly appeals to people who watch it?

  5. Well, that's hard to summarize in a few sentences. For me, who loved the old series before it was cancelled and restarted, it was about how campy it was, and the subtlety of the relationships between the Doctor and his companions. And the mythology that accumulated in a show that started in 1963.

  6. f

    so is it more so an appeal to nostalgia more than anything?

  7. Not at all, though the show has certainly changed quite a bit. Some episodes of the new series are really marvelous, though I think it relies too heavily on season-long conspiracy plots.

  8. Z

    I was able to watch the earlier stuff when I was younger. I've watched a few of the modern episodes and I find it too cheesy now.

  9. M

    That picture makes him look more like he should be playing the Master.

  10. G

    Its also ingenious that they can change cast members whenever they want and it all makes sense. The show has been around for 50 years. A lot of that is due to the story line that when the doctor dies he regenerates into a totally different guy with a different personality, look, and quirks and yet its still the same guy. What other show can change their main characters every couple of years and not lose its viewers?

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