1. C


    It could just be sleep-deprivation, but… I think you're missing a syllable.

  2. 5-7-5, that's a haiku. Well, a teikei anyway. "Whale" can be argued to have one syllable in English (grammatically, that's correct), but for haiku purposes I count it as two on and that's what you're supposed to count, not syllables.

  3. i

    Chihayafuru back maybe?

  4. S

    Pure unadulterated poetry XD.

  5. L

    A tsukeku for Enzo—
    Haven't read H x H yet.

  6. It's about time you did so
    Tsukeku are fun to write

  7. i

    Dude what's with that poll and do you mean 'normal' Palm or dolled up Palm.

  8. I intentionally left that vague…

  9. i

    As a result the poll is skewed…

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