Summer 2013 Preview Poll Results

It’s a good day for Silver Spoon.

The results are in, and it’s Gin no Saji (which was just announced as a split-cour series, with a second cour coming in Janurary) coming out on top. Not a huge surprise given the readership here. If anything did surprise me it’s how well Blood Lad did (it seems to be performing well over on the RC poll as well) and that Uchouten Kazoku didn’t do better. If you like comparing LiA and RC readerships this is an interesting way to do it, and I think the differences are reflected just about how you’d expect.



  1. i

    I think the bottom of the season is the same for both but the middle and top are switched for RC and LiA, with the more harem based animes that you wouldn't like being on top in RC. Take it this way LiA likes more quality anime while RC likes more… not sure how to not insult Stilts, more Otaku flavoured anime.

  2. R

    I'm sure the difference comes from a much simpler place. Rather than having a different "taste", I think that the readers median age must be lower in RC than LiA. That alone should show a difference in the kind of shows that each community would like to watch more of.

  3. l

    We're not quite out of the woods yet.
    The BlahBlahGatari sequel still sits at number 3. Clearly, not enough tastefully grumpy old men here.

  4. S

    Part of it might just be the lack of exposure Uchouten Kazoku is getting? I mean, I'm pretty much on board just because of the P.A. Works+Kumeta Kouji character designs, but I didn't even know this show existed until I googled it just now. I certainly would have voted for it if I'd known it existed (although I admit to skimming summer preview articles for both LiA and RC).

    Gin no Saji looks promising in terms of its creator/studio, although I have to admit that the summary for it doesn't really excite me much at all. That being said, it's a popular manga and it is Hiromu Arakawa, so I expect it to be good.

  5. R

    >because of the P.A. Works+Kumeta Kouji character designs

    I was sold solely on the fact that it's a Tomihiko Morimi novel adaptation (The Tatami Galaxy)

  6. d

    Gin no Saji, Uchouten Kazoku, & Genshiken Nidaime are the three I'm looking forward to now that Servant x Service has premiered. Feels like good times ahead.

  7. R

    Happy to see that Silver Spoon came on top — it validates why I like it here and feel free to speak. RC used to be my sole spot before I found LiA, but somehow the direction there seems to have changed — or I have changed — that it no longer attracts me, excepts for shows or writers that I really really like.

    I was a bit surprised that Free! made it to the second before your First Impression post came out. I am sure that the show's rarity attracts the curiosity of most, but your First Impression post rocks — it's to the point with an awesome sense of humour.

    I am also surprised by how well Blood Lad did. I wasn't planning on watching but now I think I should give it a try to see how why many readers here picked it.

  8. L


    It seems we (and 73 others) are the only ones here who are on board for Uchouten Kazoku. SSY awakened in me an appreciation for novel adaptations, so even if this turns into a rush-job like RDG, I'm in this for the full cour.

    As for Blood Lad, I read it years ago and my impression was, to put it in terms you would immediately understand, "Hataraku's Lucifer with Maou's voice." Even though Blood Lad came out before Hataraku, it'll get a lot of comparisons which may be good if it stands up to what I remember was a pretty good dark comedy.

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