NoitaminA Series Announcements

In case you missed it, NoitaminA revealed their plans for the rest of the year yesterday.

Original series from NoitaminA are always welcome (any NoitaminA series are welcome at this stage), as is the news that Gin no Saji will be getting a second cour.  Still, there are so many wonderful manga that are likely never to be adapted outside the block that it’s a little bittersweet knowing we won’t be seeing any of them for 9 months at the very least.

The news:

  • Gin no Saji will be a split cour, with the second season airing in Winter 2014

October will consist of two original series:

  • Samurai Flamenco – Two cours.  This looks like the more interesting of the two to me.  Omori Takahiro – best known for Natsume Yuujinchou but also a NoitaminA veteran with Kuragehime and director of Baccano and Durarara is at the helm.  Kurahana Chinatsu is doing the character designs, which will thrill some but doesn’t do much for me.  No word on the writer yet (Edit: apparently they were at the press event – wearing a mask) – seems to be a possibly satirical hero show in the Tiger & Bunny vein.  Link:  
  • Galileo Donna – One cour, Umetsu Yasuomi (Kite, Mezzo) directing.  Adachi Shingo (Working!, SAO) character designs.  The story of three descendants of Galileo who are all on international wanted lists?  Not much spark for me yet, though the art looks modestly appealing.  Link:

That takes us through Winter 2013, which will be the second cours for Silver Spoon and Samurai Flamenco.  There was also an announcement of a spinoff novel for Psycho-Pass, which will have disappointed fans expecting yesterday to be the announcement of a second season – a prospect about which I confess I’m somewhat ambivalent.



  1. s

    Oh thank god "Animation" is making making a comeback although I dont know how im feeling about those two series so far…hopefully they have the pedigree deserving of the noitamina block

  2. R

    This is awesome news. The two series sound interesting although I am excited about Samurai Flamenco because of Omori Takahiro — I love all 4 seasons of Natsume. The character design of both shows looks good to me.

  3. K

    A new anime from the bloke who directed Baccano!, Durarara!!, Hotarubi no Mori e, and Natsume Yūjin-chō. This has catapulted to the top of my list.

  4. That's why NoitaminA is a vital resource for people who loved quality in their anime.

  5. R


  6. M

    The home of elite anime.

  7. Z

    While it is a grand idea to have a dedicated hour for more adventurous animation, I don't think NoitaminA was the best platform for this. Filling your scheduling with shows that could just as easily fill mainstream programming (Fractale, [C], Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes etc) really didn't make much sense. Also punitive eleven episode shifts don't automatically make creators more creative.

  8. i

    I do hope IG are not involved in anything Noitamina based. The last show they made that really felt like a part of the famed fuji slot was Usagi Drop, because twas more or less Josei.

  9. Z

    While it is great to have a dedicated hour slot for adventurous animation I don't think NoitaminA necessarily provided the best platform for this. There were many shows in its roster that could have just as easily been a part of mainstream programming (Guilty Crown, [C], Fractale, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes etc). Also the punitive eleven episode format isn't really conducive to greater creativity.

  10. e

    Ohohoh the promo pic for FS is giving me strong 'what if Yamane Ayano churned put an Aquarion Evo doujin' vibes. Hopefully the similarity stops there.
    And the other Fall series blurb has me dutifully befuddled.
    I'm ready for anything and nothing this Fall I guess :D.

  11. Z

    As for Galieo, Umetsu directing is interesting. It would be nice if he was also responsible for the character design instead of Adachi Shingo.

  12. k

    It's Galilei Donna, ANN's title is a typo.

  13. M

    Good news! A second season of Psycho-Pass is actually in the works.

  14. A

    Guess the elephant in the room is… Gen Urobuchi?

  15. A lot of people have mentioned that elephant, but there seems to be some consensus that it wasn't him.

  16. In the mask, I mean…

  17. M

    Gen or no Gen, a lot of what that show did successfully should be attributed to the director and his team. Although it would be great to see Gen back in this familiar territory. Might have to wait until Noitamina Spring 2014 to find out.

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