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    Have still yet to watch season 1 :3. Not sure if it's worth it.

  2. What would be your criteria for "worth it"? I certainly thought it was.

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    I'm not the biggest "Key" supporter as I tend to find their mood-whiplash from exaggerated slapstick comedy on one end to melodrama on the other hand jarring. I also find about half of Key's characters irritating because of their rather two dimensional personalities.

    I really liked the middle episodes of Clannad After Story because it largely stuck to one mood, but I'm not sure I currently have the patience of that anymore in that I had to sit through 30+ episodes of "crap" before hand.

    I've been hearing that Little Busters is little bit different, and that its strengths are its simplicity and its friendship theme. If it's genuine and good hearted I can see myself watching it, but I donno if I can tolerate the silly antics and goofiness that Key tends to do a lot of.

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    You're so not going to like it though, if you can't take the goofiness because its about 80% just that. I couldn't take the VAs in it. They grated like nails on walls. If they had some proper seiyuu, not adult seiyuu ones I would have watched it. Alas they didn't I don't really care that they didn't.

  5. s

    Awesome news, thanks for the update! 🙂

  6. Please don't drop tidbits from the VN here, even if you're not sure what they mean…

  7. s

    I thought carefully before posting that. It's not a tidbit from the VN, it's a tidbit from the anime. Please don't misunderstand my intentions.

  8. Well my bad, I don't remember it. And the way you phrased it – "VN readers will have surprises too, like…" made it sound like a VN reference for sure.

  9. E

    I myself didn't know how the Refrain Arc goes. The visual novel is too damn long. In anime, 4 episode for each character. In visual novel, 20+ hours for each character.

  10. s

    Well, it definitely wasn't a spoiler, but it's all right. It's my fault for not considering that you're busy enough without having to sift through comments and potential spoilers.

  11. Go ahead and repost it if you like. What episode was the thing you referenced from, do you remember?

  12. R

    I don't think you all understand how great this Anime is. Give it a try..it's complicated…I finished the VN this yesterday morning…And it uh..it just…I think i need to sit down..Thinking about it rips little bits of my heart off. The anime is goofy and fun. And it's not a super sudden sad moment, then back to goofy. Refrain is all the important stuff. it's mainly a sad mood. i don't know which end they'll have in it. But i don't know. i can't words right now.

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