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    *pouncing on the bloopers file*
    Bloopers and Maou-sama final now.
    Main podcast later (148 minutes? Ooook, that will fill my evening).

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    Blooper Notes:
    – Booze!
    – Shinkai does chalk like it's out of this world ( more seriously I can vouch for the truth of his rendition here. Chalk and pastels – and even dust – are a thing of wonder).
    – Enzo you're a young pottymouthed sprout y u so sensitive about the age thing
    – Shingeki no Pokemon! Rofl. I was more of a Digimon fan myself. Due to the messy broadcast job for it here in Italy I missed whole seasons of it and a lot of episodes of the seasons I did watch.
    – Muromi-san? The mermaid anime? I have it in my watch-list *grins* . But just out of curiosity… have you watched Ebichu already (being it Gainax and all…) ? That featured some sidesplittingly suggestive stuff :,D.

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    I listened to your podcast last night. Love that you guys talked about the brilliance of Makoto Shinkai. He's a very unique director and artist — a very romantic one. I still love his 5CM the best. I love your shout-out as well. Indeed, it's not fun and losing the point if we turn the appreciation of Chihayafuru into a shipping war.

  4. Yeah, I badgered Stilts into watching Shinkai at last, and after he did he suggested we include him in the podcast.

    I managed to get my choice as the "feature segment" in the next podcast. Should be an interesting convo.

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    Looking forward to… :).

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    Thanks for doing this. I listened to most of it and enjoyed it.

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    The RC guys are so subservient to your opinions, then again they lack critical thought themselves. Anything else is self denial.

    Amazingly RC is still considered the holy grail of anime blogging…

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    Great podcast although it was a bit obvious that Enzo had the most impactful and loudest opinions :3.

    But I think people need to quit it on the RC hate. It's obvious that they are not "critic" blog but more so a bunch of people writing about anime because they love the medium. Similar in purpose to Metanorn. Different purpose to say LiA or starcross.

    Anyways, wonderful segment on Makoto Shinkai, was not expecting that and you pretty much nailed it when you said he was a poet and an artist rather than a acclaimed entertainer (aka Mamoru Hosoda). Though I wouldn't go far and say that his visuals are the best of any animated medium, he is without a doubt in a league of its own when it comes to Japanese animation.

    You know what would be my dream come true? Shinkai being the director of an anime original TV series with Yousuke Kuroda as the writer, Tenmon on audio and PA Works being the studio or at least co-production, assuming ComixWave doesn't invest in TV series (since PA has awesome visuals but lacks good direction/pacing a lot of the time). Theme would obviously be drama, hopefully about adults or young adults.

    Talking about PA Works, im surprised you called yourself a PA works fanboy despite criticizing/bashing them a lot. Or am I confusing myself with Mari Okada since the two things are usually interlinked. Or are you like me and liking jokingly bashing things that you like a lot ^_^'.

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    I dunno why it keeps coming up with jibberish as my username :/


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