Uchuu Kyoudai – 52

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It’s not too fruitful trying to find things to say about a recap episode.

OP5: “Kienai E (消えない絵)” by Magokoro Brothers

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The best thing about this episode of Space Brothers is that there are a few minutes of new footage at the beginning.  The worst is that it looks as if next week’s episode is going to be another recap, this time from Hibito’s perspective.

We’re at the one-year anniversary, and the launch of a new timeslot, so I won’t begrudge Uchuu Kyoudai a recap to bring new viewers up to speed (though two does seem a bit excessive).  Any chance to hear the BGM for this show isn’t a total waste, though in my personal view the best parts of the first year weren’t covered in the recap.  We also get a new OP and ED which are both fine – the OP is a very American surf-rock sounding number and my favorite part of the ED is seeing he bicycles on the spacecraft.

Apart from that not much to say except to wonder – did they get rid of “This Week’s Space Photo” or is it just on a break?  If next week’s ep does indeed prove to be another full recap, I doubt I’ll be doing a post on it, so I’ll probably be back to this series in two weeks.

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ED5: BEYOND” by Miho Fukaraha

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  1. T

    Sorry, but this is already a slow show. To have two recaps at this point is really obnoxious. I guess I'll just ignore it for two weeks…

  2. M

    I decided it would be a waste of time to watch this by myself and showed it to my brother who's only seen ep 1&2. They managed to cover a whole of 2 episodes! I think that was more disappointing.

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