Spring 2013 Preview Poll Results

No huge surprises here.

 I felt pretty confident Attack on Titan was going to claim the top spot in the poll, but I’m mildly surprised to see RDG hang onto second place after its lukewarm reception. For those of you who like to compare, the RC poll is currently running – and as always, there are some interesting differences. While “Titan” is on top, Oreimo and Railgun hold down the 2nd and 3rd spots. However, the same seven series make up the top of both lists.



  1. R

    Enzo, are you thinking of covering the OVAs of the Anime Mirai Project?

  2. On a case by case basis. I liked LWA, but didn't think there was anything special about it that merited a post. AFAIK the others aren't subbed yet.

  3. M

    @RuiCosta Here's a pretty honest review so far:


    Little Witch Academia was delightfully realized. It would certainly reach bigger heights in a longer format.

  4. Yes, I'm sure that's honestly their opinion.

  5. M

    Should I have said fairer? Yes, I've seen your work on animesuki.

    Well done for being highbrow.

  6. You seem determined to be a troll, but I'll play along for one more round. The obvious implication of your snark was that "fair" means "agrees with me". It's a pretty narrow-minded way to look at the world.

    And now, I will happily go back to ignoring you. Have a nice life.

  7. M

    It seems your definition of troll is about as well researched as anime tropes.

    But let bygones be bygones.

  8. l

    Little Witch Academy was pretty nice, if I do say so myself, but I suspect Death Billiards is more up Enzo's street. Already seen it and it was great, though I'm not sure if there are subs out for it yet.

  9. M

    I dug Death Billiards also. Very old school madhouse in tone. The character designs reminded me of Natsume Ono's work – which is also a draw.

  10. M

    I know you didn't like the first season, but are you going to cover the 2nd season Railgun, based on this poll perhaps?

  11. Nope, I never make blogging decisions based on polls. If I fake it, it's obvious.

  12. M

    Well, that's good to hear. I'm sure your blog-readers all like you to stay the way you are. But actually what I meant is, are you going to do the first impression at least? Just to know how it's like.

  13. I'll watch the first episode, and if I'M surprised by how much I like it I might do a First Impressions post. But given that this is not a new series and one with a formula so successful it seems very unlikely to be changed, I don't feel any sense of urgency to treat it as a series I have to treat like a new one. There's a reason I left it out of the preview post – I just find Railgun (the show more than the character) to be pretty grating. Biribiri herself is fine, but the supporting cast and the general tone of the series are fingernails on a blackboard to me.

  14. s

    Very nicely put; that last sentence pretty much summarizes why i cant put the index/railgun series in the tier of "well-done" series. I do find the series to be an enjoyable watch though because under all that annoyance, it has some good ideas. I love the possibilities the science side of the series brings to the story and if it would stay focused on fleshing out its stories in a cohesive manner, it could become an "ok" series. The first episode might not be enough to convince you that you might like this season though because it looks like the first episode is gonna reintroduce our main characters and display more of their antics that you loooooove oh so much. But stick around, if done right this season will go to some dark places (further demonstrating why i like the science stories) and you'll appreciate the series on some level even if it never becomes blog worthy.

  15. l

    Kind of surprised Shinkegi no Kyoujin topped RC's poll as well. I kind of expected that place to have a top 3 consisting of: 1.Generic-Idol-Saves-Earth, 2.Generic-Moe-Harem, 3.Generic-Loli-in-Panties-Fights-Aliens

  16. G

    Yeah, RDG being up so high is a bit of a surprise, but everything else is within expectation. Can't wait!

  17. S

    The main anime series I'm definitely looking forward to are Devil Survivor 2 and Attack on Titan. It would be nice if Attack on Titan ended up running for 24-26 episodes, but I dunno if there's enough manga material.

    I'm also interested in Hataraku Maou-sama, but only because it's from White Fox, which Steins;Gate and Jormungand are two of the best anime I've seen lately, and it stars Ryota Ohsaka, who was amazing in Tsuritama and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

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