Narita-san, Narita Taiko Matsuri

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There’s more to Narita than just an airport…

While most people never get past their terminal, there’s actually a town called Narita a few miles away.  It’s the location of one of the most popular temples in Japan (12 million annual visitors) and has a very attractive temple approach lined with traditional buildings and housing small shops.

Narita and Narita-san also host a large Taiko festival every April, featuring dozens of Taiko groups from all over Japan.  Stages are set up all along the Omotesando temple approach, and each morning all the groups assemble and engage in a massive performance in front of the main hall at Narita-san.  If you love Taiko as I do, it’s quite an experience – especially seeing hundreds of drummers in synch in that setting.   Here’s a selection of pictures and videos from the event.

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  1. i

    I wonder GE whether you'll ever go watch a Karuta match live and bring us back a video of the next Queen?

    I would quite like to do it.

  2. Dude, I have video of a karuta match I attended on the site already.

  3. i

    Oh yeah. But I thought that was one from America not Japan.

  4. Well, that's true, but you didn't specify. Omi Jingu is a long, expensive trip from where I am so unless there'S a happy coincidence I'm not going to be there for any of the big tournaments. Maybe I'll see if I can catch one in Tokyo somewhere.

  5. e

    Oh, lookie a shrine!
    And a promising onna no back view nicely complementing the building :p
    As soon as I red the magic 'T' word I had a mental image of you going KYUN like the three Chihayafuru Megumu fanboys. Forgive me Enzo :,).
    The videos are pretty cool. Did you manage not to tap or drum your fingers being there live? Because just by watching by the end of the second video I realized I was.

  6. It's very difficult not to move your body in time with Taiko. That's why it's so elementally powerful, I suspect.

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