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The term “over the top” was invented for shows like Valvrave the Liberator, but to be honest I don’t think it’s entirely sufficient.

Valvrave was one of the most divisive shows of the season after its first episode, with some fans proclaiming it the best show on the schedule and others hooting in outright derision.  I suppose I fell somewhere in the middle, perhaps leaning towards the positive.  The premiere wasn’t anything revelatory but I found it quite entertaining and rather handsomely done.  So what of the second episode?  I’d say my opinion is just about the same as it was.

Mecha anime is so deeply encoded in the DNA at Sunrise that it can be hard to tell just where earnestness ends and parody begins.  Unlike Majestic Prince, which is very clearly presenting itself primarily as a satire of the mecha genre, I’m not entirely sure just how to take Valvrave.  It’s quite silly, to be honest – but it isn’t above Sunrise to be that silly and still be playing it straight.  But the silliness is working for me, and there’s just enough of a sense of whimsy to it that my gut tells me that the folks behind this show know what they’re doing, and they’re intentionally overplaying the cliche aspects in order to create both a sense of irony and a contrast with the wholly discordant Code Geass elements from writer Okouchi Ichiro.  I’m not hoping this show turns into that one – I found CG a bit tiresome and never finished it – but the mixing of the two elements, a sort of Gundam/Geass hybrid, may just turn out to be a good thing.

An awful lot happened this week, so I won’t try to discuss all of it.  L-Elf’s added bit of dialogue – “Lisolette” – in the opening sequence is obviously important.  Just to cover bases, several cast members stepped out into prominence, starting with Rukino Saki (Tomatsu Haruka) who looked like she might be the sole female lead but now appears to be part of a full-fledged triangle (more shortly).  Haruto’s pal Izuzuka Kyuuma (Ono Yuuki) got a few flash moments flying a chopper.  Nakamura Yuuichi used his Grizzly-kun voice as school banchou Yamada Raizou.  And the remaining members of the Drossian boy band got a few more lines for their all-star cast of seiyuu – Miyano Mamoru, Fukuyama Jun, Kaji Yuuki and Hosoya Yoshimasa.  Frankly the lot of them are the most annoying part of the show – even for a series as campy as this one an alphabet-coded gang of junior SS bishounen is a bit much to take, and Fukuyama and Kaji especially are laying it on pretty thick.

As to the story itself, I find it pretty engaging both on the macro and micro level.  It almost seems as if this is being set up as a kind of wish-fulfillment alternate history of WW II, where instead of the Nazis’ allies Japan was a fiercely independent freedom-fighting island full of brave resistance soldiers.  Even the mobile suit looks a lot like a full suit of samurai armor, and comes complete with a katana and a harikiri power-up move when the heat sensor reaches the magic number of 666.  Where the allied forces – “Atlantic Rim United States” – will fit into the historical wash will be interesting to see.  It’s ARUS forces who show up and drive the Drossians away from JIOR, but we don’t get a chance to meet any of them.

On the micro side, our first major revelation is that when Haruto bit L-Elf’s neck, he somehow transferred his consciousness into his body via the bloodstream.  Body-switching is an interesting twist I wasn’t necessarily expecting, and it leaves L-Elf rather puzzled when he wakes up.  Saki is apparently a  bit of a horror/sci-fi geek, and suggests that Haruto re-enact the moment he switched bodies in order to switch back – which he does (well, that was easy).  With Haruto having hijacked the Valvrave and engaged the Drossian forces, this leaves L-Elf in the rather uncomfortable position of having his old bandmates trying to exact revenge for hit betrayal.  We learn about the abilities of the Valvrave bit by bit – they’re obviously nowhere near fully revealed – but it seems that without the ARUS intervention it would have been a challenge for newbie Haruto to defeat the entire Drossian fleet even after the magical 666 moment.

The other big reveal of course was that Shouko isn’t dead after all – which is frankly a bit of an anti-climax considering how quickly and mundanely it happened.  She was stuck underneath the rubble inside the car she was going to assist, with driver Takumi Kibuwaka (Hatano Wataru).  I admit I laughed when she called Haruto during his battle – that’s excellent coverage, given that she was buried underground and he was in space.  We get a pretty straightforward promise to return to her at any cost, and then a continuation of the Shrine confession when he does – except that Haruto, horrified at the monster he’s become (he certainly thinks nothing of shooting Drossian soldiers – and scientists – at point-blank range), chickens out at the last minute and turns the whole thing into a joke before fleeing into an alley to weep about his fate.

OK, that’s a lot to take, I admit.  Check your credulity at the door if you want to have any chance to work with Valvrave – but if you’re a Sunrise fan surely you’re already used to doing that?  I like this series for its all-in commitment to bombast and melodrama, and for its predominant use of hand-drawn animation over CG, even for the space battles.  It has a nice look overall, and in the right frame of mind I can work with the concept – taking it as somewhere in-between a homage and a mild spoof of both Sunrise mecha shows and Code Geass.  I don’t know if the alchemy will hold up over the long term, but for now I find Valvrave quite entertaining and I’m happy to stick with it.

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  1. i

    Drossia = Prussia (which is the precursor to the German Empire)

    I expect CG x GS (America/ARUS reprising their role in GS rather than CG and Drossia as PLANTS) x Annoying lead who eventually finds this Valvrave (666) to be more sinister than its seems. Bit at the end with 'I can't be with you for your own sake and because its only the 2nd episode' was pretty cringe worthy.

    For someone who doesn't like formula in LNs, I find it ironic you think of this as a homage but
    not that Yahari could be one of BokuHa.

    I now lament the lack of Noitamina.

  2. I always lament the loss of Noitamina.

    There's a pretty big difference when it comes to homage comparing a genre and a specific series. Especially when mecha anime have been around for as long as they have.

  3. i

    My argument didn't make much sense and was more like an attack on your choices.

    Just want to say that if you can take Valvrave as one big straight faced Boke then that's great but I need a Tsukkomi in it to have fun. I just can't laugh at:

    'I'm in the middle of battle but can you just wait for a bit, this call's personal'

    Without enemy going:

    'Sure I've been there before. Tell me if you're getting lucky tonight bro?'

    'Done… Dude the girl I am avenging in this battle is alive!'

    'Nice you know what that means?'

    'RESURRECTION SEX! So sorry but DIE!'

    After saying no to girl's feelings.

    'I'm sorry nameless enemy I didn't do it. Vampires don't circulate so I can't resurrect my Johnson. NOOOOO!'

    That is my little script for Sunrise.

    My first summer vacation in three years and I have just 13 shows for it and no World Cup or Euros. French Open, Wimbledon and F1 better be great this year because I will be bored.

  4. f

    the amount of plotholes this anime has is staggering. One minute haruto can't even walk with the valvrave, then suddenly he's fending off missiles in space while chatting it up with his once-dead girlfriend? L-Elf would rather betray his own cause and become a POW instead of surrendering? A single cruiser is enough to liberate Jior who had unconditionally surrendered at gunpoint?

    I hope that whatever premise they hope to establish is laid down soon, because I can't even lie enough times to myself to cover all the gaps in logic. I understand that many of these concepts were meant to instill a sense of drama to engage the viewers, but when conflicts are THAT easily resolved, what's the point?

  5. S

    Yeah….tell me about it.

  6. C

    Not to mention the characters…

    Who lives a peaceful life but casually just jumps out of a moving helicopter onto a giant robot while people shoot at them. To help her buddy that has been casually killing scientists at point blank.

    And I'm actually a huge Code Geass fan too! Sunrise whyy

  7. M

    Because, pla models: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10217262a/20/1

    And they know people will lap it up for lack of better judgement.

  8. S

    You forgot to mention a casual guy piloting a helicopter, and who the hell was that computer girl. Seriously, this should get an award for the highest number of plot holes. Really disaponted. Unless, they are going to make any sense out of this.

  9. F

    He's a fast learner. That's that.

    L-elf has nowhere to go. "First, he has ALREADY killed Haruto before, only to find that not only did it have no effect but he was taken out of commission because of it and his body was used without his permission. He also has no idea what happened to him and what Haruto did to him. He doesn't know what Haruto did or what the guy is, and the problem is neither does Haruto. He can't go back and explain things to Dorssia until he HIMSELF can understand it. Or else, they'll think he's crazy or lying and lock him up or put him to death for treason." (quote from Irenesharda)

    Explaining his situation to his comrades is a lot harder and time consuming than you think. Especially when they are in a heated battle. The valvrave could have been destroyed at any moment. Killing all of them including himself. He had to act according to the highest chance of survival.

    Furtheremore, he actually becomes symphathetic to Haruto's cause if you pay attention to his expressions.

    A single cruiser? Are we watching the same show? Its an entire fleet!

  10. F

    L-elf is a trained military personnel. Haruto obtained his skills when in his body. That made it possible for him to take out those soldiers.

  11. F

    Obviously these "plot holes" are going to be explained later in the show. The show is not going to throw you answers so early in the game. The computer girl is going to be introduced later, be patient.

  12. E

    And the primary objective of them attacking JIOR, the Valvrave, is only sorrounded by technicians, with less than ten soldiers only came running later. Instead of carrying it off in excitement, they laid it down leisurely on enemy country's river back. Despite a long time has passed. Evening has turned to day. People have signed surrender pact. Oh, should I mention that there's nothing guarding it? A helicopter can totally went there without being shot down. And another one landed successfully despite ruckus has started.

    Obviously these plot holes are going to be explained later in the show.

  13. E

    And please don't say that they allowed it to approach such a super important object because it's an allied vehicle. I sure don't want you in my military unit then.

  14. F

    The enemies got overconfident since they already subjugated the citizens and the security forces. JIOR does not have an army. They must have thought it was safe but in actual fact, not.

  15. F

    Why bother moving it if its already their territory?

  16. E

    Already their territory, yes. In before there is this traitor named L-Elf lurking out there. And it got liberated by ARUS in less than one day.

    Of course, it's for the sake of the plot (heh), if they carry it away to their home country, the story of this anime ends right here.

  17. S

    Damn…..that's one ANNOYING protagonist. So much for my expectations sigh… Hopefully, he won't become the next Ouma Shu.

  18. F

    Haruto is damn badass, he learns from his mistakes, admits when he is wrong and adapt to situations quickly. I really like characters like him.

    Not to mention he's not hesitant to pull the trigger when necessary.

  19. S

    So far that's the only redeeming quality I've seen from him.

    Badass? you call that cry baby badass? Badass is best described by a character like Lelouch and, I don't remember him seeing acting like a wuss and crying every other chapter.

  20. S

    Just because he's not hesitant to pull the trigger doesn't mean he's badass. But I do think it's still too early to judge his character. The thing is I thought of the same with Ouma Shou and, look what he became.

  21. S

    The first episode just had me cringing for the most of it and I didn't even think I'd be watching this episode. Then I ended up watching it anyway and though it was not much better, somehow it hooked me into the idea of at least needing to see a few more. I really like the fact that Shoko is still alive simply because it ruins the whole "angry protagonist who sacrifices his humanity in order to pursue his revenge for his dead girlfriend" plot that it seemed was happening, yet the main character still has to deal with going that route only to find out the whole cause didn't actually happen.

    As far as all the plotholes and other nonsense, I can ignore it if the show is entertaining enough. Just can't take it too seriously and it could end up being decent. Also the body switching thing was a pleasant surprise as I had expected the worst from the end of last weeks episode.

  22. i

    I think its bad that Shoko is alive.

    What point is there to the next Ouma Shu to keep fighting now? He's had his revenge and now no longer even needs to dish it out since she's alive. So what will happen?

    We get 2 cours worth of this no drive wuss dealing with being forced into war and whining about it. He will only pilot Valvrave because he is forced to by ARUS and the expected morality of war in every Gundam will come to fore. They might even hold his friends hostage so he fights.

  23. F

    Haruto changed a lot. We can't really predict how he will act now. Assuming that he will return to his old self is assumptions without basis.

  24. i

    I did call him Ouma Shu V 2.0 if you know what that means.

  25. F

    Its too early to reach a conclusion…

  26. S

    Well that's your opinion and that's perfectly fine, but I just think it makes it more interesting to me for them to leave her alive because we don't know exactly what will happen rather than just a cliche revenge motive. I'm not saying it will necessarily make the series better overall, just that after only seeing these two episodes it has opened up some interesting possibilities. As FiveOVER just said, it's too early to come to any conclusions at this point.

  27. k

    What's the problem with Fukuyama and Kaji? ^^;; They've been given cheesetastic roles, and they're hamming it up like they're supposed to. (Fukuyama sounds a lot better here than in RDG, and I don't remember seeing you complain about him there.) Just wait until Miyano's character gets more lines, then we'll drown in camp. Hosoya has least characteristic voice in the group (it's probably the nicest, though) and the most subdued character, so he'll have to actually work on Q-1 to make him stand out.

    I think Shouko being alive was supposed to be anticlimatic and funny. The hero is having his roaring rampage of revenge, fueled by his pain over the loss of his love – and bam, she's actually alive and fine and she still loves him. 😀 The irony is, of course, that despite this he can't go back to her because of all the things he's done while avenging her.

    As for the show being divisive… I continue to be baffled over people trying to take it seriously and then calling it bad. (But then, I also found Aquarion to be very entertaining, and yet it seems to be universally hated.)

  28. i

    I can't take it as a comedy so instead of watching it I'll go to Metanorn or some other anime forum that is bound to make fun of it.

    'We've had GN drives but are you ready for a Mecha that runs on the power of SATAN?'

  29. k

    But why does it have to be a comedy? What's wrong with a show that's not trying to be funny but is self-aware enough not to take itself too seriously? To me, making fun of it is pretty much pointless, since the show is absolutely aware of what it is and what it's doing.

    (What we've seen so far is still nothing compared to the sheer hilarity of Aquarion, which somehow managed to keep a straight face, even as it made a special attack out of one of the main characters' special power which happened to be her rotten luck.)

  30. F

    How is this show hilarious? Everything can be explained if you sit down, think for a bit and be a little open minded.

    The only part that did not make sense was the lab being built under the school and i'm sure that will be addressed later. They already dropped several hints like the school being newly built and both of them are at the center of the colony, the students aren't aware of it, and there is a shrine nearby.

  31. i

    @FiveOVER are you taking this seriously and enjoying it? If so then well wow.

  32. F

    I know i'm weird.

  33. i

    No you're not. If you can watch it without being cynical then I think you will enjoy Valvrave the most. But I don't think there's any point trying to convince others of your viewpoint.

    It's all Bipartisan here for cliched or intentionally ridiculous.

  34. I do tend to agree that people are taking this way, way too seriously and it's a lot of fun if you view it as the lark that it's intended to be. But then, to each his own – and I had no use for Aquarion myself, so go figure.

  35. a

    All the hatred for this shows and the howling of "trainwreck" after 1-2 episodes as usual just strikes me as so….I want to say forced but premeditated might seem like a better word. It just strikes me that when some people see the name Sunrise next to an action show it's like a rallying call for them to get all their anon buddies from 4chan and just run through the same old tired cliches and one liner posts. I honestly cannot remember the last Sunrise produced sci-fi action show not named Gintama that this didn't happen with…..maybe Zegapain? In any case it's been a while and when the knee jerk reaction is as quick as this I don't see it ending any time soon. Whatever the case remove certain names and motifs from this project and I think you have a VERY different and more moderate reaction to this show, but it's also less entertaining for people like me at the same time.

    The way I see it I think the show Gintama most speaks for Sunrises current outlook on producing anime. They like the sort of show that can alternate between silly comedy and slightly serious (within it's own context)action/character interaction fare yet it rarely loses that tongue in cheek flair that I can kind of see with this one. Sunrise strikes me as a studio that likes to assemble a team that enjoys what they do and give them a place to do it. I just fail to see too many problems with that approach nor with this show as of yet, but then I'm also not in a mad rush to declare this show a "trainwreck" and am actually trying to get a feel for what it's about before I start passing extreme judgments and comparisons on it with other shows. I just think that's fair and more conducive to the chance (probably likelihood) of me enjoying the show on the terms it's presenting as opposed to concocting this whole "trainwreck" scenario whereby I'm forced to disregard all that the show presents in order to join a few random assholes around the internet in just dumping on it for stuff that probably isn't intended or accurate in anyway.

  36. M

    Could you explain what exactly is outstanding here that merits defense of these first two episodes? All I've heard is that it's silly for a reason without any objectionably meritable points. The character look generic, the mecha designs uninspired and the setting rather derivative. The protagonist is rather bland and so is his highschool romance. What genre is this again?
    Sure the show may improve a little over time but it's already set the bar depressingly low so that's not saying much. If you enjoy it that's a different matter.

    I've enjoyed to varying degrees: Escaflowne, Planetes (same writer), Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass and what I have seen of the overly polished Gundam Unicorn.

  37. M

    Perhaps I find Sunrise's current outlook on anime disturbingly shallow. They are subsidiary Namco Bandai after all.

  38. F

    @ maxuluos

    Allow me to point out that your post is entirely subjective and is not suited as a bebuttal.

  39. M

    The argument raised in defense of the show is weak and highly subjective. The derivative evidence speaks for itself. Surely anyone familiar with Sunrise (or anime for that matter) can see that?

  40. F

    Not necessarily.
    Few of the points he presented are entirely evidential and can be used as a backbone to his argument.

    There are many good points about this show. Perhaps you stand by your opinions so strongly that you refuse to consider the opinions of others.

    I can give you a list of reasons why this show is good, but I'll be wasting my breath so I won't try.

  41. M

    I'm all ears.

  42. F

    – Just shoko's death in and of itself affected the story in many ways and i think it's well contrived.

    It gives the mc a reason to fight. Unless you want reasons like "those are the bad guys", "I want to be a hero", "I have to save my friends", "I'm just following orders", "my body got controlled by some mystical power" which I have no qualms with at all, but you haters just have to call them cheapskate and dismiss them as silly. Sothe motive as revenge is definitely a hit.

    Second, it gives the discontinuity when the students cheer for haruto's victory, while haruto laments her death. This nails down the idea that no one but haruto can understand his grief. Remember, robbing tears from the audience is clearly not the author's motive. His motive is to show us the isolation of those different/ gifted compared to others.

    Third, her death was entirely the reason why haruto underwent such a drasic change in just the span of two episods. He was a pacifist, he experienced the reality of war, agreed with l-elf and admitted his mistake. He then understands the gravity of the situation in war. He knows its killed or be killed and didn't hesitate to kill the soldiers. He even learned how precious shoko is to him and adamant to go back to her even in tha hopeless situation.

    Fourth, her death brought the chance for saki to act and established a prelude to a love triangle. If she weren't "dead" , saki probably will never have the chance to act on her feelings.

    fifth, it gives us a chance to see our mc in dilemma while he deal with his identity crisis and his feelings for shoko. Only when he realized that shoko is alive that the impact of losing his humanity hit him. This give arise to more character developement and again the author tells you this is not your typical happy story.

    sixth, this is my favourite point. This is when the story truly establishes that its a dark story through and through. The viewers realize that haruto just lost his humanity for nothing. Shoko was alive all along and he is being thrown into this unreasonable situation just because he acted rashly in he heat of the situation.

    – Lots of surprises and unpredictibility:

    There just too many surprises, like the T&Q for valvrave, Haruto's sudden revival, the body switching, L-11 pitiful predicament, Saki's feelings, Valvrave's 666 and the list goes on.

    The author can do so many things with Haruto's body switching ability, making the story very unpredictable and i'm sure he knows that.

    All these events lead to the interesting situation L-11 is in. I'm looking forward to seeing how he used his intelligence to escape and explain his situation to his comrades.

    – The amount of details in this show is staggering

    From the fact that there are multiple dyson spheres to the fact that the school was built three years ago to the interaction between L-elf and Haruto to L-elf mentioning Liserotte to the fact that there is a gap between the valvrave engine and the list goes on.

    – The main character is a person is someone who learns from his mistakes so expect a lot of change from throughout the show.

    In a mere two episodes he transformed from a pacifist into a person who understand the reality of war and is willing to do anything for shoko. He also admits his mistakes to L-11.

    – The cgi action scenes are amazing.

    They managed to create tension and a sense of the battle field in all the action scenes. It is fast-paced and smooth and definitely a must-watch for those who love action.

    – The mecha has a lot of detail.

    nuff said.

    – This show is logical if you think deeper. There are few parts that are far-fetched but they are few and far between. Look at my post below for details.

    – Most importantly, the show has lots of potential. There are so many plotlines the writer can explore depending on how he play his cards.

  43. F

    I'll just leave this here. It's up to you how you want to interpret it.

    For those who claim this show “does not make sense”, “hilarious”, “trainwreck”, “guilty crown”(i think its an okay show actually), “plot holes”, “terrible writing”,”so bad its good”, refer to this post if you have any doubts. You can contribute questions if you wish to.

    I strongly stand by my point that the events in this show are mostly logical and can be explained by taking a little time to think(which most viewers don’t). Most of the other queations are not going to be answered so early. Please be patient.

    How could they build dyson spheres around the sun? they would need materials from the whole solar system!
    Judging by the fact that there are multiple Dyson spheres, we can conclude that those are smaller, artificial stars.(it fits the definition)

    How did L-11 and friends infiltrated JIOR so easily?
    JIOR has held its peace and neutrality for a long time. Making them soft and unprepared. Remember, they don’t even have an army. You don’t expect students to suddenly pull out knives and guns.

    Why is L-elf acting like an ass to Haruto?
    He had a past which is yet to be revealed. Haruto’s pacifist attitude just hit him in the wrong way.

    Why did Dorssia attacked the JIORs?
    Probably because they found out about Valvrave?

    “Why would someone put a secret military lab under a school? I can’t feel bad for all the students that died because they were standing over a legitimate military target.”(Phaetons_Folly)
    That’s the only thing that didn’t make sense. Although I’m sure it will be explained at a later point of time, I’ll give a few of my hypothesis. The location. The school and lab are both located at the center of the dyson sphere, probably due to technical issues. Maybe for energy effeciency, larger space, launch location (it might not be just from the pool), logistics, and the list goes on. Seeing as valvrave seems to be a supernatural mecha, it might be related to the shrine in some way.
    Another would be to mask its purpose. Surely a school would be the last place you would think of! Judging by the fact that none of the students are aware of it, the school have to be built after the lab. Somehow the information got leaked.
    The students aren’t aware of this.
    Judging from the reaction of the scientists, they do not even understand why they were being attacked. JIOR probably had peace for decades and become too accustomed to peace.

  44. F

    Why is the security around the Valvrave so weak?
    The scientist was pretty confused why they were attacked in the first place. JIOR is too confident in its neutrality and saw no reason that they would be attacked. They were obviously wrong.

    “One big problem I have with this show. How come the air in the city doesn’t get instantaneously sucked out when the shell separating it from space gets a giant hole blown in it?”(newnar)
    The colony itself is pretty large compared to the hole, thus air won’t be drained out immediately. And when you build space colonies, the first thing to be incorporated is a temporary fix when a hole appear. There should be a patch that covers the hole automatically. Its not instant but works nontheless

    “Another part that was pretty bad was when the guy was trying to activate the robot. There was a big screen in front of him with a big, bright and colorful YES button indicating the activation procedure. The guy, however, spent a lot of time trying EVERYTHING and did not press the god damn button until the very end. During this part I was: “WTF is he doing? Is this guy retard or what? I can see the stupid button from here and he can’t?””(André)
    Hypothetically speaking, a war was shoved onto your face from nowhere, you just broke your arm from an explosion, your girlfriend just died instantaneously, you are full of anger, grief and a torrent of emotions, your heart beat is running berserk and you are breathing erratically from the adrenaline and exertion from running and climbing.
    Now, you are in a cockpit of a god knows what weapon of mass destruction, faced with a mess load of controls. To top it off, a giant robot is smashing on your door, throwing you around the cockpit, accumulating more bruises. Now, how much different from haruto will you be acting I wonder. I don’t know about you, but I would be confused and wondering why is it asking me to give up my humanity. you are a machine right? stop throwing me stupid questions and move already!

    How could a high school brat suddenly learn how to pilot the Valvrave? It does’t make any sense.
    The valvrave gave Haruto his powers through that injection. It will be explained in detail later. I guess it depends on what you think is believable i guess?

    Why did haruto have to bite L-11 of all things?
    He has no other more effective weapons at hand. He is acting according to what is most effective in taking down the enemy.

    How did a bunch of students managed to steal back the Valvrave?
    Haruto gains L-11′s combat abilities when in his body. The Dorsia letting their guard down also helped.

  45. F

    How did a student managed to pilot a helicopter?
    Yes, I agree that it’s pretty unbelievable here, but since the author played it off as a joke, I’m not sure what to think of it.

    Why is the security around the Valvrave so weak?
    The Dorssians got overconfident since they already subjugated the citizens and the security forces. JIOR does not have an army. They must have thought it was safe but in actual fact, not.

    Why didn’t the dorssians just ship valvrave away?
    Do they need to? Its already their territory.

    Why is L-elf just standing there when he has a hostage?
    L-elf has nowhere to go. “First, he has ALREADY killed Haruto before, only to find that not only did it have no effect but he was taken out of commission because of it and his body was used without his permission. He also has no idea what happened to him and what Haruto did to him. He doesn’t know what Haruto did or what the guy is, and the problem is neither does Haruto. He can’t go back and explain things to Dorssia until he HIMSELF can understand it. Or else, they’ll think he’s crazy or lying and lock him up or put him to death for treason.” (quote from Irenesharda)
    Explaining his situation to his comrades is a lot harder and time consuming than you think. Especially when they are in a heated battle. The valvrave could have been destroyed at any moment. Killing all of them including himself. He had to act according to the highest chance of survival.

    A single cruiser is enough to liberate Jior who had unconditionally surrendered at gunpoint?
    It’s an entire fleet, babe.

    How did shoko survive?
    It might be a little bit of a stretch, but she could have jumped into the car through the window at the last moment when she saw the beam.
    The beam was dulled by the dirt, thus resulting in a bury.Remember this a fictitious, linear beam and not an explosive. We can’t really claim to know its effects when we don’t know how it works.

    Why didn’t shoko called all this time.
    There’s nothing to say she wasn’t unconcious during that time. And enemies tend to jam signals during an invasion in sci-fi shows.

    “Valvrave basically attaining God mode when its heat reaches 666… when for some reason it is just useless from 100-665. Just laughable.”(Kefkiroth)
    Its not really that illogical since some engines works optimally at certain higher temperature ranges. We don’t even know how valvrave generator works yet.

    Valvrave has to stab itself to gain a powerup, lol.
    Its to bathe the blade in theat heated engine. Nothing more nothing less. The engines/generator is not harmed since there is a gap. Its true they are showing a seppuku motive here.

    “Haruto’s inability to even pilot the valvrave suddenly turns into a top notch ability to dodge missiles in space all while talking on the phone, making an emotional confession?”(ftghb)
    He’s a fast learner. End of story.

  46. F

    “DUDE/ the fact that he couldnt even operate it and then suddenly is engaging in highly militarized personel? Doesn’t that strike you odd in the LEAST bit?”(ftghb)
    Valvrave is a lot more effecient and durable compared to your regular weapon. That’s that.

    Haruto being immortal feels kinda cheap.
    His immortality is pretty hax but we should wait and let the story explain his powers for us. Reserve your judgements until they reveal more. The immortality might have some conditions or limit to it.

    Haruto is such a pussy for not confessing.
    Too many events and changes happened to him in such a short time. Can you really blame him for not confessing when he became an immortal, body switching murderer?
    “Perhaps because that route is the most sensible route if you think deeper about it? Before he and she were the same, classmates and human. Now the war has started, he has killed a bunch of people, is the only pilot that can possibly hold back the enemy, and most importantly he is no longer human. Can she take all these things in? He has not even confessed to her, much less going out with her for any period of time. Would telling her everything shock her too much? The thought of dating an immortal and having kids with him, with all the uncertainty and potential fear, may be too much to bear. Does he want to shock and hurt the person he loves so much? Would telling her he has no idea what’s going to happen help besides adding burden to her? How much can she accept him at this very messed-up state in this very messed-up circumstances when he may just go out to fight the enemy and may never come back? Perhaps it is better to let the beautiful memory in the past stay without it being tainted by the absurdity and cruelty the present is imposing? I am sure it must be a painful decision for him but at least he has the courage of not dragging her into his cruel fate. I would say this is an act of ultimate love and kindness instead of lameness or insensitivity. The best solution wold be for him to find a way to get himself out of the conundrum of this immortal status, but then there is the war that requires him to stay at that status… And so we’ve got what we’ve got for this episode.”(symbv)

    Haruto’s reason for not confessing is so lame: “a monster does not have feelings”
    Blame the subbers for that, not Haruto. Its a mistranslation. Translation from symbv:”I have turned into this monster…. I don’t have any right to confess my feeling to her any more.”

    Phew, that took a life out of me. I sure hope i managed to answer some of your uncertainties and ground my point that Valvrave is not ridiculous.

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