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    MAH BABIES ;3; *a-hem*
    With the one exception of the triplets they look a tad older than in the anime, don't they? XD
    Not too fond of Shou and Erika's looks here (they had a less standard face and better eyes shape in the TV series), Aoto looks like a soulful bishie, Reika 1.0 is not bad but here she reminds me of Arale from Toriyama's Dr. Slump. Not ugly designs per se but they're giving me a generic/derivative vibe compared to the anime's. Anyway, the pics if anyhting are projecting enough ENERGY! ENTHUSIASM!
    Have you browsed the books? any apparent difference in terms of plot? :>

  2. Not so far, but we're only two volumes in. I haven't seen the original novels on sale anywhere yet.

    I don't know if they look older in the manga – I would say the anime designs are a little prettier, or more delicate. Shou definitely looks a bit rougher around the edges in the manga, but his personality is very much the same. The manga has a very funny sequence that the anime either cut out from the novel or is manga-original, but apart from that I don't see any big changes.

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    No kidding, in the anime they're very pinch'em-cheeks captivating (including the triplets – in their chibi kindergarten form – ), in spite of anime!Shou's upper lid&eyelashes rim being actually quite more angular <— first really noticed that detail a while back whie working on a certain group fanart ;D.

    New 'funny sequence'? I'm in withdrawal now. More than usual :,).

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    I'd always thought of Erika as a brunette. It's trippy seeing her with red hair! She looks less like Nanami from Sakurasou, though. I'd always thought they were clones of each other in the anime lol.

  5. Well, same seiyuu…

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