First Impressions – Date A Live


I don’t think I can blame this one on Niconico.

Because it was in the Spring Preview post, I’m doing a “First Impressions” on Date A Live.  But it’s going to be a short one – my first impression is that it sucks.

I can’t discount the possibility that the LN this adaptation is based on is intentionally trying to be as stupid as possible, an intentional mockery of all the clichés so proudly on display in the premiere.  What I can say is that even if there’s a kernel of truth in that, it won’t matter to me, because the anime is so poorly executed that it was torture to sit through the premiere.  Mediocre animation, leaden pacing, uninspired acting – and the clincher, it’s not funny.  For me, at least, the jokes don’t work.  I didn’t so much as crack a smile once during the premiere, never mind laugh.

It’s too bad, because in Motonaga Keitarou we have a director who’s shown he can do very good work in the two Jormungand series.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what drew him to Date A Live, but I guess the checks don’t bounce.  I’ll try and give it one more episode but if I like it enough to do another post it will be a huge surprise.



  1. Z

    So a seemingly good director will occasionally spit out lemons?

  2. l

    Maybe they should have called it Date a Lemon? Though from Enzo's mini-review, I'm guessing that would be doing real lemons a disservice.

  3. M

    It's sad that something generally bad merits recognition where as something generally enjoyable like Little Witch Academia doesn't.

    Oh right, this was in the 'spring preview post'.

  4. j

    Did someone say Little Witch Academia? I must now comment and commend you and your tastes in anime. Congratulations sir/ma'am.

  5. M

    'tis a very good romp. Seems to have drawn the greatest response out of the Anime Mirai projects so far. It's reassuring to see Trigger's historic first outing so well received – looking forward to more from them especially since Gainax have left the ring!

  6. J

    The key figure here is not the director but the series composer instead. Hideki Shirane, whose previous works includes Kill Me Baby, Hidan no Aria, and Yumekui Merry.

    I could see the director trying to salvage it with some funny cinematography, but I don't think that's enough to save it

  7. i

    I did laugh in the beginning just because I liked the 'generic harem leader' a bit but then ass plot came in the second half and I gave it up.

    Only even gave it a look because I don't have 2 hours in my schedule to watch GoT yet and there really isn't anything to watch till tomorrow with Karneval and Hentai Ouji (which I hope will be better since I think its from a manga not an LN and I did laugh at the chapters I looked through)

  8. G

    Yeah, that promotion poster and really cheesy premise already said it all. I try not to judge, but the quality of certain series is just easy to predict. What were the chances that this was going to be decent?…Yeah, didn't think so.

  9. R

    Dropped after 10 minutes…am not going to give it a second chance.

  10. H

    I watched the pre-air and wasn't really impressed in contrast to what the readers have touted in excitement regarding the source material. There was a manga out but I simply can't find the art compelling when compared to the light novel. Not that I expect strokes to be Xeroxed, but I don't really think the mangaka's stroke fits that.

    Onwards to the first episode pre-air… the opening scene really doesn't strike much at me. I'll give this a few more tries before I can decide whether this burns out or can stick with me.

  11. H

    I'm currently laughing at everyone here who dropped the anime so early on. It's already getting more and more epic. Start from episode 7 at least.

    Better an anime with a poor start and an epic end than one with an epic start and a poor end. Too bad the latter gets more recognition than the former…

  12. T

    Agreed. I think we all know a perfect example of what you're talking about.

  13. T

    You guys made a massive mistake if you dropped this show after 1 or 2 episodes. The way it finished, I'd even put it on a Top 5 list of 2013 at this moment, yes I went there, Top 5, the same place where Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin will be come end of the year.

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